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Herpetology of Indonesia
Since 1988 or so the trade in live reptiles for the 'pet' trade has grown exponentially and then stabilized at the present level. However, there seems to be a lack of information regarding these beautiful creatures. With this page I will try to present some information which may be trivial to some but important to others. My apologies for not updating this site in last few years. I have not been involved with reptiles since 2000.

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The Mangrove Monitor

Varanus indicus
Sorong (Vogelkop/Bird's Head Peninsula, New Guinea/Irian Jaya) type Photo by Frank Yuwono.

Indonesian Reptiles on CITES Appendices: Indonesian Reptiles NOT listed on any CITES Appendices:
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Monitor lizards
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Lizards ( still empty )
Pythons and Boas
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The Trade of Live Reptiles from Indonesia
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Indonesian Herps in Traditional Medicine

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