Thus began my grandmothers first lesson,as we sat, barefoot beside her garden HEDGE.WITCH the gossips called her.

My grandmother returned to the earth long ago.This page is not about promoting, witchcraft, wicca, paganism or any of the other terms used today. But rather the "philosophy" as passed down through many generations.

To explain that philosophy as simply as possible:- Respect and nurture "life"; live in harmony with all other living "beings" in all their forms.

There will be references to simple "rituals", because they are a part of my life. But mainly this page will be about the little things we can do to help not only to keep the earth alive, but to help the earth grow. By doing this "man" will be able to live and grow along with all of the other inhabitants of this planet.

I would also like to use this as a forum, so if you have a link, or anything at all that will be of of assistance please email me. When I learn how this internet thing works I will include what I can. Merry and bright blessings to all.

1996 hedgewitch@oocities.com

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