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Local Food
Phetchaburi Sweets are a famous souvenir from this province. The reputation of these sweets stems from the use of Tanod sugar as one of their ingredients. Examples are Morkang, a sweet made from flour and sugar; Thong Yip Thong Yod and Foy Thong, sweets made from baked egg-yolk; Bah Bin, a sweet made from coconut, sugar and flour; Kanom Chan, a layered sweet made from flour and sugar; and Chaow Tan Chuerm (palm seed in thick syrup). Visitors are able to buy these sweets as souvenirs from sweet shops in town (near Khao Wang) and many well-known shops on both sides of Phetkasem road.

Kao Chare Phetchaburi (rice served with ice and sweetened meat) is a renowned local dish and is popular during the summer season as it cools you down. Kanomchean Todman (rice noodles with fishcakes) is a must for visitors, so a visit to Phetchaburi is essential. Kaeng Huatan (Beef and Palm Fruit Curry) is the original Phetchaburi classic. It's authentic local cuisine with satisfaction guaranteed for beef lovers.

Local Traditional Festivals
Thai Song Dam Festival - a merit - making at Song Dam Village, Khao Yoi district. Games, entertainment and the authentic cuisine of Thai Song Dam Villagers is all on offer. Many villagers wear their traditional costumes - a sight rarely seen today. The festival is held annually on April 18.
For more information contact Khao Yoi district, Tel. 032-499392

Kao Hoe Kalieng Festival (Kalieng Rice Wrapping Festival) demonstrates the served with ice and sweetened meat) is a renowned local dish and is popular during the Kalieng hilltribe's customs and way of life. The villagers' homes are special all over the districts of Nong Ya Plong and Kaeng Krachan. This interesting festival is held annually on the day before the full moon in September.
For information contact Kaeng Krachan district office, Tel. 032-459118 and Nong Ya Plong district office, Tel. 032-497123

Phetchaburi Fruits
Fruits from every season are found here and the most famous are sweet and aromtic Chom Pooh (rose apple), Kraton Hoh Nue Fu (a sweet and soft local fruit), fresh Palm seed, pineapple from Don Khun Huay, cantaloupe and also the well-known golden banana from Amphur Tha Yang.

Water sports are abundant in Phetchaburi. Many hotels on Cha-am beach provide water sports equipment for rent

Golf: six beautiful and high standard golf courses are also located here in phetchaburi.
1. Sawang Resort & Golf Club
2. Cha-Am Villa
3. Lakeview Princess Resort & Golf Club
4. Springfield Royal Country Club of Cha-Am
5. Palmhills Golf Resort & Country Club
6. Kaeng Krachan Country Club
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