carve Choose a dark foreground first, then "NEW" in 16 million colors, 200 width x 100 height. Type in your text with New Times Roman Bold at 72 points. Keep text selected and go to "SELECTIONS"> "MODIFY" > "FEATHER" at 15. Go to "SELECTIONS"> "SAVE". Save as *.sel. Now "EDIT" and choose "Clear" the image.

carve Go to "SELECTIONS"> "LOAD" and load the *.sel into the image. Paint the selection the dark color. Now your text should look like this:

carve Keeping the image selected, go to the "EDIT"> "CLEAR" again, the more you "clear" the wider the carving.

carve Choose the dropper to pick out a light color from the text as the foreground color, de-select, go to "IMAGE"> "SPECIAL"> "HOT WAX COATING". Cool eh?

carve Play around with it and see what else you can come up with.

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