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Welcome to our El-Fish Page. If you are not familiar with El-Fish, it is a simulation game, written by team that created Tetris, that lets you simulate the breeding and evolution of fish. You can set up your own aquaria and watch your fish right on your computer screen.

We found El-Fish for dirt cheap at our local discount store, because it is apparently no longer being distributed. It was carried by Maxis (best known for The Sims and Sim City) until Maxis was acquired by Electronic Arts.

On these pages, we will be featuring some of our fishes. Each page will feature one fish we caught from the "wild," as well as all of its descendants. Click on any of the fish below to go to a page showing a family tree of that fish's descendants. If you would like to use some of our fishes for use in your El-Fish aquaria, you can download roe for each family in either HQX or ZIP format.

Unfortunately, El-Fish just about impossible to find these days, and it seems to be very difficult to run on modern Windows systems. (We run it on OS 9.x on the Macintosh platform, but believe it works on Mac OS X in classic mode.) For this reason, we don't anticipate to be making many additions to these pages, as fewer and fewer people can run the game.


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Veil Tail

The Veil Tail Family

The veil tails are a family of small, guppy-like fish. They come in a variety of colors. Related to the veil tails are the chauncies, several species of larger fish known for their pink and blue stripes and prominent red dorsal fins. (Pictured: Common Veil Tail)


The Schrank Family

The schranks range in size from quite small to fairly big. They can be either spherical in shape or flat like a discus fish. Somehow they manage to be ungainly and cute at the same time. (Pictured: Giant Scrhank)

Camp Shaw 1

Camp Shaw Fish (Page 1)

Just a few of the many fish created by Jonathan Shaw, Catrina Shaw, and Josey Walton at Camp Shaw. (Pictured: Batfin)

Camp Shaw 2

Camp Shaw Fish (Page 2)

More fish created by Jonathan Shaw, Catrina Shaw, and Josey Walton at Camp Shaw. (Pictured: Plume)


Guest Fish

We've also started making some guest fish available, for your viewing and downloading pleasure. (Pictured: Swedish Disaster)


AAA's Fish (Page 1)

AAA sent us a whole bunch of great fish, some beautiful and some bizarre. (Pictured: Glasgow)


AAA's Fish (Page 2)

More fish from AAA. (Pictured: Pyxis)


Other El-Fish Resources

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