This list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is designed as an introduction to Wicca as well as a reference for those investigating the religion of Wicca for the first time.

What is Witchcraft/Wicca?



What is Wicca and how is it related to Paganism?
What are some common, basic beliefs in Wicca?
What god(desse)s do Wiccans worship?
What tools and rituals do you use?
Is there a set liturgy or liturgical calendar?
What is basic Wiccan thealogy?
What are Wiccan ethics, the "Wiccan Rede" and "three-fold law?"

Wiccan Beliefs and Practices

Can I be a Christian/ Jew/ Muslim/ Buddhist/ Taoist/ Astrologer/ Druid/ Shaman/ omnivore/ whatever and a Wiccan?
What are "dedication" and "initiation" in Wicca?
Do all Wiccans practice magic/k?
Is Wicca the same thing as witchcraft?
What were "the Burning Times?
What are the origins of Wicca?
What are the major traditions in Wicca?
What is the "Book of Shadows?" Where do I get one?
What is a coven and how do I join one?
How do I witness about Jesus Christ to a Wiccan?
How do I learn more about Wicca?


Introductory books on Wicca
Wiccan Organizations
Wiccan/Neo-Pagan Umbrella Organizations
Wiccan Periodicals
Internet Resources


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