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Baby Ziggy. (Photo by C. Rigby)Baby iguanas, with their puggy little faces, big owlish eyes, vibrant green coloring and eeny little fingers are nearly impossible to resist. Even so, please take the time to carefully research iguana care and iguana ownership before bringing an iguana home. They have demanding care requirements and can be a challenge to maintain. Their diurnal lifestyles, sharp claws, large adult size, and immense space needs are factors you must consider before bringing an iguana into your life.

This website is not a comprehensive collection of iguana information. Iguana knowledge changes as new facts are learned, common practices are re-evaluated, and opinons waver.

This website is a cumulation of whatever I have learned about iguanas and have chosen to share. I imagine as I learn more, this website will reflect those changes. Should you find anything within that you do not understand, diasgree with, or have comments simply e-mail me at

While this website will not use frames, you will need a browser capable of handling tables! Otherwise you will encounter problems with using this site! A table-free version of this site is not yet avaialble.This website is graphic intense. Some documents may take a few moments to load.

For those of you who are curious, there really is a House of Galahad in real life. Any of the stories you have heard are most likely true...

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