Guide to the Waterfalls of Sri Lanka

When Lenses Make Sense

Photos from all over the Island

Clatter of Wheels Brings a Glimmer of Hope to the Eastern City

Posted 2005-Mar-20

Tsunami Anniversary Train Passing Akurala, Kahawe 26/12/2005

Some Sri Lankan Birds, as I Saw Them: 1>> 2>> 3>>

Serendipity in the Isle of Serendib
Updated 2006-Sep-15


Climbing 'Sri Paada' (Adam's Peak) on Buddhist-Hindu New Year Day is an Exciting Experience


Socio-political Issues:

 Legacy of Independence

         Posted 2005-Mar-24


Problems Facing Sri Lanka Railways
Updated 2004-Oct-19

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Life and Peril in the Republic

Law of Survival of the Fittest Moves from
Wilderness to Civilized (?) Society

Will it be Pretty, Will it be Clean ? - Colombo
to Come of Age with LRT/MRT

Let's Remember the Dead but not Forget the Facts
(A Recollection on the Tsunami Disaster)

Colombo City Bus Route Map
(Uses frames and takes time to load)

Some Alternative Routes to the City of Galle

Posted 2005-Jan-19     Modified 2005-Dec-21

Express Trains Starting from Colombo Fort Railway Station

2009 Sri Lanka Calendar (Sinhalese Titles with Holiday Info in STE)   Front Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

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Down the Memory Lane:

1981 Railway TT Showing Northern Lines

Not Far from the Madding Waves..
Posted 2005-Mar-17

Colours that Faded away with the Service Itself (Old Bus Tickets)
Posted 2005-Jun-22

To whom it May Concern :

A Proposal for the Reinstatement of the Uda Pussellawa Railway (2003)

Letter Requesting to Expedite the LRT for Colombo (2004)

Some Proposals to Improve the Financial Performance of the SLR (2004)

Letter (in Sinhalese) to the President GoSL to Prefer Kuruwita Rail Route back to Ratnapura (2006)

Some (Railway) Suggestions for the Draft National Transport Policy (2006)  

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