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The Legend of the Bearwalker,1976. 49.5x68.5cm. Copyright Painting by Del Ashkewe.

Meshu Peshu Productions has very specific goals. Our goal is to motivate people through truth, to protect Our Mother, the Earth, and all Her Children. We want to help people recall the gift of spiritual vision, that everyone was given and teach them how to use that spiritual vision again. This will move everyone to act in a sacred way, a way that teaches respect for all life and respect and love for one and other(meaning Mankind and All Life). For when we can see the whole world in Oneness, we understand how precious the gift of life is and are moved to protect it.

We are Universal Spiritual Teachers; Universal, in the fact that we teach through the natural world. In using the Natural World to teach through, we remove the barriers that people often associate with spiritual teachings. We try to enlighten people, building bridges between religious and cultural communities, and bring them to a fuller understanding of the life we share with one and other.

These are the Original Native Teachings taught to us by the Great Spirits, for these Great Spirits were placed on the Earth before Mankind and taught us all things. It is by watching and following the Great Spirits, thoughts of God and teachers of all things right, that you gain true Spiritual Vision. What the Bee, Butterfly, Moon, Stars, Spider, Tree, Bear, Lion (Cat) and Horse, etc., teach in this land, they teach in Africa, China, Russia and Australia, etc.(Wherever they appear). What was lost is regained, when we understand the language of the Spirits of Earth. It is through the Great Laws of the Universe, that we will once again become empowered and active.

It takes time to understand these teachings, for anything of value has a price. The price of spiritual wisdom is a love of The Creator God, a willing heart, an open mind, and a body that can be still. These teachings are meant to be read a minimum of four times each! Then you will understand them on the four levels of consciousness that all people operate on. You will develop a whole and holy way of understanding. Hopefully you will find the Sacred Path and become empowered to guide others to it as well. There are many roads leading to the Sacred Path, but there is only one Sacred Path and this is the Creator's Sacred Path, guided by His Holy Spirit and attained through His Will.

Our Spiritual teachings, art, poetry, workshops, and lectures, are simple, truthful and offer a refreshing look at our relationship with the Earth, each other and all living things.

We Thank You for browsing our web site and we hope you will stop here again.


Del Ashkewe and Paula Johnstone

Immortal Thunder and Lightening Woman

P.S. We use the term One and Other, so Humans can get use to the Idea, that we are talking about One(Human Beings) and Other(All other Living Beings).

"In the beginning of all things, wisdom and knowledge were with the animals, for Tirawa, the One Above, did not speak directly to man. He sent certain animals to tell men that he showed himself through the beast, and that from them, and from the stars and the sun and moon should man learn...all things tell of Tirawa."

Eagle Chief (Letakos-Lesa) Pawnee

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For complete Native Teachings Click Here.

Spiritual Teachings Info

*Bee Teaching
*Bear Teaching
*Butterfly Teaching
*Cat-Lion Teaching
*Emotions verses Feelings Teaching
*Four Colours Teaching
*Medicine Wheel Chart;plus Teachings
*Respect, Elders and Elder Spirits Teaching
*Spider Teaching
*Worms Teaching Story

*NEW!*Beavers, Trees, and Rivers of Life!

Medicine Teachings Info

*Alcohol Spirits Teaching
*Morning/Rising Teaching(fire & water)
*Spirits and Souls, What's The Difference?
*Sage Medicine
*Strawberry Spiritual Teaching
*Strawberry Medicine Teaching
*Sweetgrass/Hair Spiritual Teaching
*Tobacco Spiritual Teaching
*Tobacco Medicine
*Tree Story/Teaching and Open Letter to All Nations!***UPDATED
*Healthy Diet Teaching

Frequently Asked Questions

*Mystery and Magic Teaching-**UpDated
*Spirits First, Body Second Teaching
*The Number Seven Teaching
*Tribalism Defined
*The Sabbath Day Teachings
*Wannabees and Justice Teaching
*Karma Teaching
*Warriors and War Teaching**Sword teaching added
*Spiritual Warfare and Truth Defined

History, Myths and Legends

*Warning...this may change your perceptions greatly!

*NEW!*For Christian Eyes Only!

Writing, Right and Rites

*Writing, Right and Rites...Sheep, Shepherds and Wolves

Have a Red-Blue Day!

Poems, Paintings and Thoughts

Workshop Info


Blessings to anyone that emails me,when they find an 's, s',or just an s in the wrong place. I have a real hard time placing them in a grammatically correct way. Like; there is only One Creator's Universe. Thank you for the help.

Phoenix Strawberry
Email me at or at Treezen@yahoo.comin the meantime.

Love Always, Live Forever and Leave the Earth more Beautiful for your passing.

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