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"Re-alignment of the Twin Dragons of God" 1987 ©Copyright Painting by Del Ashkewe.

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Four Colours Teachings

All the teachings of the Universe are held within the Sacred Circle of Life. Learn through the guidance of the Stars, how and what the Medicine Wheel can teach you. Full and half day workshops. Children,Young Adults and mature Adults love these Teachings

The Spiritual Meaning of Numbers

Following the Order of the Universe, find out where numbers come from and what they mean. They were not given to Mankind to keep track of material possessions but were given to all, to help everyone understand the Way spirits flow throughout the Universe. Numbers help you better understand your relationships to all life. Full day workshop.

Your Name Gives You Purpose

You were given a Name to carry all of your Life. It tells the world who you are and gives you purpose. Learn that everything about you, defines you and happens by the Creator's design; for nothing is by chance. You are not the body but the spirit flowing through the body. Full day workshop. Some flexibility for a shorter workshop.

Understanding Spirit

Learn all about Spirits. What is the definition of Spirit? When were and are spirits born? How do they flow throughout the Universe? How old are spirits? What happens when you call spirits? What happens to spirits when they leave earth and when do they return? Why you are not supposed to call on the dead. All these questions will be answered and explained clearly. Full and half day workshops.

The Rhythm and Flow of Life

The Great Spirits of Earth still maintain and dictate the Rythym and Flow of Life, taught to them by their Mother, the Earth. Learn the teachings of the Moon, Sun, Stars, Winds and the Rivers of Life. Understanding these Great Spirits, may save your life. Full and half day workshops.

Sacred Messengers

All living things the Creator made with purpose. Learn how to understand their purpose and the messages they carry and teach to everyone freely. Learn more about your relations and small teachings about all of them. This is a "fun" workshop. Full and half day workshops.

The Order of Family

From the Order of the Universe, find out how the Creator placed Families on Earth. From the Clans to the individual Child. All peoples of the Earth, were first placed in Clans and Tribes and were given purpose and were Native to the Earth. Find out how to put all the Families of Earth together again.

Sacred Medicines

What knowledge can we glean by using the Sacred Gifts given to us by our Mother, the Earth, in their proper way. Healing is about strength, empowerment and prayer. We help one and other heal our hearts, minds, spirits and bodies, making our Nations strong. Why do we carry the medicines we do? Learn the symbolism and have the purpose of ceremony explained.

Discover your sacred medicine bundle and understand why we wear our medicine bags and talismans. Full and half day workshops.


The spiritual teachings of Menopause and the Natural elevation of women. The traditional medicines and diet needed for a healthy change. Full and half day workshops......and more, just ask.

"Prosperity" 1998. ©Copyright Painting by Del Ashkewe.

Del Ashkewe, Born 1947, Cape Crocker I.R., Ontario, Canada. Potawattomi Holy Man/Artist, Activist, Bear Clan. At this time Del designs and helps People by giving them their Sacred Mandalas, reading Dreams and sharing other information as the Creator allows.

Paula Johnstone, Born 1957, Blind River, Ontario, Canada. 100% Native to Earth and sick of the Blood Quantum War. I am made up of mixed blood, Eagle Clan. Traditional Healer and Spiritual Teacher. Mother and Grandmother. Paula teaches wherever invited and spends a great deal of time teaching Street Youth, Environmentalists, and Others.

Both Paula and Del are active in the First Nations Community, and in the general public. They share/spend most of their time writing, drawing and sharing lectures, on panels, through workshops, healing circles and teaching circles. All of their resources are put into sharing these spiritual teachings with others. They are paid by donation or honorariums, and have done this for the past 5 years, relying on the generosity of others. (Although at this time when people only give to money for tax reciepts, and as they are not a charity, church, or non-profit...times are sometimes tough.)

People are supposed to care for and about, their Elders and Spiritual Teachers. Many have not been taught the correct, simple and polite ways, of caring and sharing with others. Time to learn.

Teachings we are working on and coming soon..... Traditions, Blaming God for the Faults of Man, more on, The Bear, The Beaver and the Spiritual Foundations of Homes, and more Medicine Teachings, such as Cedar(which is really long).

Medicine Teachings Info

Spiritual Teachings Info