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February 23d, 2008

Oh my! I just realised that the old server where I used to host my site has gone down. So now I've relocated the entire Creatures Jungle site to my own server. It's ad free and you can get all the old cobs and other downloads again. This is an old site and I haven't had the time to check it. So if you find any broken links or other problems, please contact me...:)

July 21st, 2004
Lo and behold, I updated! Well, don't expect it to become a habit though. I'm busy enough with my Sims site and other ventures. But I might sneak in a few things now and then.
For those who have been asking me about where to get Creatures and Creatures 2 these days, I have a better answer now. Gameware Europe has announced on their site that they will be re-releasing Creatures in the US with certain publishers this fall. Here's the link: Gameware Europe. So if you're looking for the games, I suggest you start there. I also found a link where you can buy Creatures and Creatures 2 RIGHT NOW (whopee)! They have been unavailable for far too long. The product is a bundle of Creatures and Creatures 2 and it's called Creatures - The Albian Years. Here's the link: Shop at Gameplay. And here's some more info about Creatures - The Albian Years: Read about it at Gamespot.

February 11th, 2004
Hey everyone! I just updated the New Worlds section; took away the bad links and added a bunch of new worlds/metarooms. I've also finally bought some norn packs from the new Gameware site. So far I have the hardman and treehugger norns. Siamese are next! Well, see ya. :)


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