Dypsis Hybrid 'Red Triangle'

The photos on this page are of my Dypsis Triangle Cross. The rumour is that it is a cross between Dypsis leptocheilos and Dypsis decaryi. I have also heard that it is just an undescribed species of Dypsis and the hybrid theory was concocted to increase interest in these plants. If anybody knows the real truth about these plants please let me know! They should put this one under Dypsis X-files.

The photos are taken over a period of 5 1/2 years, from planting out until May '04. This species is a moderately fast grower, with each new leaf larger than the preceding leaf. Mine is in full sun for 99% of the day and tolerates it quite happily, although did suffer from some leaf burn recently on a couple of hot days (108F). The plant is now producing it's first 3 inflorescences (May 04) Last updated May 22, 2004
Hybrid 1 month after planting

One month after planting - October '98

Hybrid 12 months later

Almost 1 year after planting - September '99

Hybrid Crownshaft

Close -up of crownshaft detail displaying red 'Fur'

Hybrid In January '00

Same plant almost 18 months after planting.

Hybrid In May '04

Same plant almost 5 1/2 years after planting.

Hybrid In May '04

Trunk Detail of the same plant almost 5 1/2 years after planting.

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