What Palm is This???

I have no idea what these palms are. However, they are extremely attractive. If anybody out there can identify them , I would be very grateful.Page Updated May 11 2000

Unknown # 1 is growing in a friends garden..it was purchased a few years ago as Dypsis onilahensis but looks to be different.

Unknown Dypsis #1 - Trunk Detail - approximately 9 ft tall
Unknown Dypsis #1 - Crownshaft Detail
Unknown Dypsis #1 - Leaf Detail.

This Livistona resembles Livistona saribus in all respects, from the leaf form to the large petiole spines with the 's' curve in them. However, the fruit is red, not the vivid blue typical for this species. Any guesses? Hybrid possibly? Has anybody else seen one with the same characteristics?

Unknown Livistona
Fruit detail on plant
Fruit detail up close
Detail of petiole spine - note barbs on base of spine.

This Sabal has 'papery' growths in between each petiole. Small button fruit, inflorescences in amongst the leaves. Trunk is about 3 ft diameter at ground level. Any guesses???

Unknown Sabal
Crown detail of unknown Sabal

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