Other Interesting Tropical Plants and Trees

This page contains photos of interesting Tropical/Subtropical plants and trees found growing in SE Queensland, Australia.Page updated 13th March 2001

Frangipani Page - Plumeria spp.
Ixora 'williamsii'
Ixora 'Prince of Orange'
Ravenala madagascariensis - Travellers Palm
Mango Tree in flower
The largest Mango Tree I've seen!
The largest Tree I've seen! Note tree is 50 metres behind the Coconut palm.
Curtain Fig near Atherton, Nth Queensland
Araucaria heterophylla, Pandanus pedunculatus and Casuarina sp growing at the local beach.
Pandanus Papuana - Giant Pandanus in Babinda, Nth Queensland
Local pandanus (pedunculatus) growing in habitat
Pandanus Pedunculatus stilt roots - Gold Coast, Queensland
Pandanus Pedunculatus - Gold Coast, Queensland
Royal Poinciana - Delonix regia
African Tulip Tree - Spathodea campanulata
Flower Detail of Tibouchina
Young Croton -'Mammy' Another young Croton
A Croton Hedge
More Crotons (Petras)
Colocasia antiquorum illustris

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