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Well, it has been a really strange year, weather wise, in southern Queensland this year. The year got off to a wet start, with torrential rain through the summer months, which is normal. However, there were consistent rainfalls all through the Autumn months, and we had reached our annual rainfall of 60 inches (1500mm) by May. This was followed by June, which dumped 20 inches (500mm)on us instead of the usual 4 inches (100mm). Needless to say, most tender palms didn't appreciate having soggy roots through the winter. The rain continued on until September, easing back to a normal spring pattern by October. November has been very dry, with almost no rainfall, and below average temperatures with dry air conditions. In fact, November '99 was the coolest November in recorded history, with most nights down in the low 60'sF (15-16C). However, summer is slowly but surely warming up!

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