Lighthouse Stamps

Lighthouse Stamp

Welcome to my lighthouse stamp page. I have been collecting lighthouse stamps for about a year now. I made my own album using Microsoft Works and an image I found on the internet. They were printed on 67 lb. card stock on a top-of-the-line lazer printer. To view my checklist of Lighthouse stamps, please click on the link below. It is on a white background so that you can print it off if you would like. Please be patient as the table loads in. It is rather large (13 pages!). The values are from the 1994 Scott Catalog. I am interested in trading/buying any lighthouse stamps that I don't have (and that means most of them!). Please email me if you think you might have any stamps of interest. Also, if you know of a lighthouse stamp not listed on the list, and can supply the Scott number, and other info about it, please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

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