Birding Listservs

List Compiled by Rick Blom

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The following is a list of bird-related e-mail discussion groups (called listservs). Individuals may subscribe to any of these lists and they will receive all messages posted to the group. Some listservs generate as many as 100 messages a day, but most have far fewer. A few of the lists are not specific to birds but are included because bird related topics appear in the discussion. There are also many listservs that are discussions of policy and the environment and environmental politics. Unless I am aware that they regularly include specific discussions about birds, they are not included.

For each of the listservs below there are three lines. The first is the name of the listserv. A short explanation is included. These are NOT reviews, they are explanations. The second is the e-mail address you use to subscribe to the listserv. The third line is the message you send to subscribe. Where it says "Your Name," type in your own name, without the quotation marks. Do not put any message in the subject line of your e-mail. The only information your need is the message, in the body of the e-mail. Some listserv requests are case sensitive: that is, they require careful reproduction of caps and lowercase letters in the subscription message.

If you try and subscribe to any of these lists and get error messages, check the address carefully. Even an unwanted or inadvertent space can cause an error. I have sent subscription messages successfully to every one of the lists except for non-North American ones and ones in foreign languages. They all work as of this date (March 1, 1998). If you have additions, updates, or corrections, please send them to Rick Blom at
ABA alternatives (J group): Discussion of issues relating to the direction of the ABA in the wake of the firing of Paul Lehman.
message: sub birdwg02 your e-mail address your name

Aliens-l: Discussion of alien and introduced species of birds and other organisms subscription: message subscribe Aliens-l ARBIRD-L: Discussion of Arkansas birds subscription: message: subscribe arbird-l Your Name AUDUBON-CHAT: Discussion list for National Audubon Society subscription: message: subscribe audubon-chat AVIFAUNA: Discussion of neotropical birds subscription: message: add your e-mail address avifauna AviMonde: Discusssion of birds, in French subscription: message: subscribe AVIMONDE your e-mail address AZ-NM CHAT: Discussion of birds in Arizona and New-Mexico subscription: message: subscribe BIRDWG05 Your Name BBRR: Daily totals from the Lakewatch at Hamlin Beach State Park, and the Spring Hawkwatch totals. subscription: , message: subscribe birders your name BIRDCHAT: General discussion of North American birds and bird watching. subscription to: message: subscribe BIRDCHAT Your Name Birders at UM: Discussion about birds in SE Michigan. subscription: message: Not an automated system. Request that you be subscribed. BIRDHAWK: Discussion list of the North American Hawk Migration Association. During migration includes daily totals from a great many hawkwatches. subscription: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.ARIZONA.EDU message: SUBSCRIBE BIRDHAWK Your Name BIRDCNTR: Transcriptions of rare bird alerts for the central US and Canada subscription: message: subscribe BIRDCNTR Your Name BIRDEAST: Transciptions of rare bird alerts for the eastern US and Canada subscription: message: subscribe BIRDEAST Your Name bird_rba: Information on rare birds of continental importance subscription: message: subscribe bird_rba your name BIRDWEST: Transcription of rare bird alerts for the western US and Canada subscription: message: subscribe BIRDWEST Your Name BIRDBAND: Discussion of bird banding, with periodic posting from the USF&WS Bird Banding Laboratory subscription: message: subscribe BIRDBAND Your Name Bird Feeder: Discussion of backyard bird watching subscription: message: subscribe BIRD TRIP: Postings of trip reports from traveling bird watchers subscription: message: subscribe BIRDTRIP your name BIRDING-AUS: Discussion of birds in Australia subscription: message: subscribe birding-aus BIRDING - Northern California: Discussion of birds in northern California subscription: message: subscribe birding your name Bloomington-birds: Discussion of birds around Bloomington, Indiana subscription: message: subscribe bloomington-birds BW: Discussion of birds and bird watching in Turkey subscription: message: subscribe BW Your Name CALBIRD: Discussion of birds in California subscription: message: subscribe Calbird Carolinabirds: Discussion of birds in North and South Carolina subscription: message: subscribe carolinabirds CAVNET: Scientific discussion list on cavity-nesting birds subscription: message: subscribe CAVNET your name CAYUGABIRDS-L: Discussion of birds in upstate New York subscription: message: subscribe cayugabirds-l Your Real Name COBIRDS: Discussion of birds in Colorado subscription: message: SUBSCRIBERS ONLY archived messages: EAGLE-NET: Scientific discussion list on eagles subscription: message: subscribe EAGLE-NET EBN (EuroBirdNet): Discussion of European birds and bird watching, including identification. send subscription request to Martin Helin (This is not an automatic listserv. Your request will be answered and you will be added to the list.) FUGLE-NETT: Discussion of birds in Scandanavia, mostly in Scandanavian languages subscription: majordomo@ifi.uio. message: subscribe fugle-nett FWS-SHOREBIRDS: Discussion list of the Shorebirds Sister School Program. Postings from school groups about shorebirds. subscription: message: subscribe FWS-SHOREBIRDS GBN (German-Birdnet): Discussion of birds in Germany and Austria, in German subscription: message: subscribe germanbirdnet Genesee Valley Birds: Discussion of birds in the Genesee Valley of New York subscription: message: sub geneseebirds-l Your Name GermanBirdNet: Discussion of wild birds in or near Germany. Most messages in German. subscription: Majordomo@RRZE.Uni-Erlangen.DE message: subscribe GermanBirdNet HUMMER: Discussion about hummingbirds subscription: subscribe hummers HUMNET-L: Very active discussion list about hummingbirds subscription: message: subscribe humnet-l Your Name IBET: Discussion of birds in Illinois subscription: message: subscription is manual, so send a note asking to be put on the IBET list and include your name and e-mail address ID-Frontiers: Discussion about highly difficult bird identification issues, mostly related to North America. subscription: message: subscribe BIRDWG01 Your Name ITALIAN LIST: Discussion of birds in Italy, in Italian For subscription information, write to Alain Chappuis at KSBIRD-L: Discussion of birds and related topics in Kansas Subscription: message: sub KSBIRD-L Your Name LABIRD-L: Discussion of birds in Louisiana subscription: message: subscribe labird-l Your Name LINTUVERKKO: Discussion of birds in Finland, in Finnish subsciption: write to Martin Helin at for information MARVADEL: Discussion of birds of Maryland, Virginia, Delaware ,and adjacent regions send request to John Tebbutt ( ) MDOsprey: Discussion of Maryland birds subscription: message: subscripe MDOsprey MD-SMAS-GENERAL: Discussion of Southern Maryland birds and environmental issues subscription: message: subscribe md-smas-general Your Name MASSBIRD: A discussion of birds in Massachusetts subscription: message: subscribe massbird your e-mail address Mex - Bird: Discussion of birds in Mexico subscription: message: INFO MEX-BIRD mich-listers: rarity reports from Michigan subscription: message: subscribe mich-listers your name MissBird: Discussion of birds in Mississippi subscription: message: subscribe missbird firstname lastname MnBirdNet: Discussion of birds in Minnesota subscription: message: subscribe MONTEREY BAY BIRDS: Discussion of birds around Monterey Bay, California subscription: message: subscribe mbb your email address moo-listers: rarity reports from Michigan, Ohio, and Ontario subscription: message: subscribe moo-listers your name NW-Pelagics: Discussion of pelagic birds and bird watching from California to British Columbia subscription: message: subscribe nw_pelagics-L NYSBirds-L: Discussion of birds in New York State subscription: listproc@CORNELL.EDU message: subscribe NYSBirds-L your real name Nathistory-India: Discussion of birds, animals, and plants of the Indian subcontinent subscription: message: subscribe nathistory-india your_email_address your_name NatureNB: Discussion of birds and natural history in New Brunswick (messages can be in either French or English) subscription: message: subscribe NatureNB your name NatureNS: Discussion of birds and natural history in Nova Scotia subscription: message: subscribe NatureNS your e-mail address OBOL: Discussion of birds in Oregon subscription: message: SUBSCRIBE obol Your Name OCNET: Previously AOUNET. The discussion list for the Ornithological Council, including AOU, WOS, and COU. subscription: message: subscribe OCNET your name Ohio Birds: Discussion of birds in Ohio subscription: message: subscribe ohio-birds your name ONEIDABIRDS: Discussion of birds in central New York state subscription: message: SUBSCRIBE ONEIDABIRDS your name ORNITH-L: Scientific discussion of ornithology subscription: message: subscribe ORNITH-L Your Name ORNITHO-QC: Discussion of birds in Quebec, in French subscription: message: subscribe ornitho-qc ORNITHOLOGIE: Discussion of French birds, in French subscription: message: subscribe ornithologie PABirds: Discussion of birds in Pennsylvania subscription: message: subscribe pabirds Your Name PTAKI (BIRDS): Discussion of birds in Poland. Most messages in Polish subscription message: Subscribe PTAKI your name Raptor Repertoire: Discussion list about all aspects of raptors, including falconry subscription: message: subscribe raptors RiverBird: Discussion of birds in states on the Mississippi River subscription: message: subscribe SABirdNet: Discussion of birds in South Africa subscription: message: subscribe sabirdnet Full Name (or unsubscribe sabirdnet) SDBirds: Discussion of birds and butterflies in San Diego and Imperial Counties, California, and Baja California, Mexico. subscription: message: SUBSCRIBE SDBirds SE_Mich Bird-list: Rarity reports for SE Michigan. Not a chat group. subscription: message: Not an automated system. Just request that you be subscribed. SEABIRD-L: Scientific discussion list about seabirds subscription: message: SUBSCRIBE SEABIRD Your Name South Dakota Birds: Discussion of birds in South Dakota subscription: message: subscribe sd-birds STANTON: Discussion of birds around central Maine and the activities of the Stanton bird club subscription: Message subscribe stanton first name last name STATE COLLEGE BIRD CLUB: Discussion of birds around State College in central Pennsylvania subscription: message: subscribe scbirdcl your name SWISS-FRENCH-BELGIAN LIST: Discussion of birds in France, Switzerland, and Belgium, in French For subscription information, write to Alain Chappuis at TAXACOM: Discussion of biological systematics, with some bird coverage subscription: LISTSERV@CMSA.BERKELEY.EDU message: subscribe taxacom your name Teen BirdChat- BirdChat for teenagers and adults who deal with teen birders subscription: message: This is not an automated response. Include your name, location and age. TITNET: Scientific discussion list for Parids (Chickadees) and other cavity nesters subscription: message: subscribe TitNet (Your Name) TWEETERS: Discussion of birds in Washington State subscription: message: subscribe tweeters Your Real Name TEXBIRDS: Discussion of birds in Texas subscription: message: INFO TEXBIRDS UKBIRDNET: Discussion of birds in the United Kingdom subscription: message: subscribe ukbirdnet Your Name WADERS-L: Shorebird discussion group subscription: message: SUBSCRIBE WADERS-L YOUR NAME WISBIRDN: Discussion of birds in Wisconsin subscription: message: SUBSCRIBE wisbirdn your name WORH: Women in Ornithology Resource Group Requests to subscribe go to WORGNET-Request@SIVM.SI.EDU. WSG: Western Shorebird Group. Discussion of mainly Western Sandpipers subscription: message: subscribe wsg