Julia Butterfly's First Year In Luna! From: "Luna Media"
Date: Thursday, Dec 9, 1998

Subject: December Luna Tree-sit Update - one-year anniversary of Julia Butterfly's ascent into the ancient redwood Luna

December Luna Tree-sit Update

Hello everyone and thank you for your support in our efforts. Tomorrow, Thursday December 10 will mark the one-year anniversary of Julia Butterfly's ascent into the ancient redwood Luna. This has by far been one of the busiest and most exciting times we have ever experienced. In this update you will find information on events surrounding the Luna tree-sit including Saturday's rally, a statement by Julia, links to recent articles, and a breaking Headwaters update. Again, thank you all so very much. And by the way... she's not coming down just yet!

Press Release



Stafford, CA - This Thursday, December 10 will mark the one-year anniversary of Julia Butterfly Hill's occupation of the ancient redwood tree Luna. Hill, 24, has been conducting her act civil disobedience in an attempt at preventing the tree from being cut down by the Pacific Lumber Company. The logging practices of the company, including the cutting of ancient redwoods and repeated violations of state forestry laws, have been the focus of over a decade of controversy.

"When I climbed Luna, I gave my word to her, the forests, and all people that I would not allow my feet to touch the ground until I felt I have done everything I possibly can," said Hill. "I feel that there is still much more to accomplish, and I have no immediate plans to descend."

A number of events are planned throughout Northern California revolving around the tree-sit and Butterfly's efforts, including a sold out benefit concert featuring former Grateful Dead members Mickey Hart and Bob Weir. The concert will take place at 7 PM on Thursday evening at the Mateel Community Center in Redway, CA. Also on Thursday at 7 PM, the Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters will host a celebration in honor of the anniversary at the Unitarian Fellowship Hall, 1924 Cedar St. in Berkeley, CA. Hill will address those in attendance via cell phone at both events.

A mass rally to be held within sight of Luna, in the town of Stafford, CA (240 miles north of San Francisco on State Hwy. 101) at 12 noon on Saturday, December 12, will highlight the week's events. Organizers are expecting a large turn out in support of Butterfly and in protest of the Headwaters Forest Agreement and Pacific Lumber Habitat Conservation Plan.

Words From Julia

I sit here looking out over the Eel River valley at a view that I have watched change over the past year while living 180 feet high in this amazing ancient redwood tree, Luna. I listen to Columbia Helicopter in the distance pull logs >from once forested slopes. Slopes that Pacific Lumber has now turned into a legacy of clear-cuts, poisons, and mudslides. I watch as the mudslide caused by Pacific Lumber/Maxxam's irresponsible logging continues to erode with the winter rains, sending even more debris further down the hill into the town of Stafford. I watch as the creek beneath me, brown with silt, pours into the Eel River, knowing that clear-cuts line the creek for miles on the steep slopes above. I think about majestic trees hundreds to thousands of years old being cut down to become siding and decks. I think about the incredibly committed activists who have been tortured with pepper-spray by the police for merely sitting down in protest, and David Gypsy Chain who was killed by a tree, purposely cut in his direction, while protesting an illegal timber harvest operation. I think about our government compromising away the health and quality of the environment and that of our very lives in order to appease a criminal corporation* and I have to wonder why people still ask "why are you still up there". Even now some still don't understand.

Myself, along with many others, are committed to a world that lives in love and respect for all life. A world where all old growth forests are permanently protected, where trees on steep and unstable slopes are spared from the saw, where clear-cutting is replaced with true sustainable forestry, and where poisoning of the land, water and people by pesticides no longer exists.

When I climbed Luna, I gave my word to her, the forests, and all people that I would not allow my feet to touch the ground until I felt I have done everything I possibly can. I still feel that there is more that I can accomplish from this perch. When my feet do eventually touch the ground again someday, this action for me will not end. The rest of my life is dedicated to living in service and love for all life.

Luna One-year Anniversary Events

On Thursday, December 10, 1998 tree-sitter Julia Butterfly Hill will have occupied the ancient redwood Luna for one year, in a heroic effort to keep the Pacific Lumber Company >from cutting the tree. This day will be honored by numerous events around Northern California and Humboldt County, highlighted by a mass rally to occur within sight of Luna on Saturday, December 12, at noon in Stafford, California. Members of the press wishing to conduct interviews via cell phone or to visit with Julia are encouraged to contact us immediately; space is quickly filling up. We would also like to announce the availability of broadcast quality (Beta format) interview footage with Julia Butterfly, taped in Luna on November 22, 1998. Following is listing of events to occur.

Calendar of Events for the Luna Tree Sit One-year Anniversary

  • Thursday, December 10:

    Forest Aid: The Tree of Life Concert
    7 PM, Mateel Community Center, Redway, CA

    A benefit for Headwaters Forest, and the Luna Tree Sit, in honor of Julia Butterfly's one year occupation of Luna. Featuring Mickey Hart and Planet Drum, Bob Weir and Friends, KVHW, and Alice DiMicelli. Proceeds to benefit the establishment of a local activist housing collective, and the Luna Tree Sit. Limited tickets are still available for a pre-concert Golden Circle Dinner hosted by special guests. Call People Productions (707-923-4599) for information.

  • Thursday, December 10:

    Benefit and Celebration of Julia Butterfly's One Year in Luna
    7 PM Unitarian Fellowship Hall, 1924 Cedar (at Bonita), Berkeley, CA

    A special evening of celebration honoring Julia Butterfly and her one year effort to protect the ancient redwood Luna >from the chainsaws of the Pacific Lumber Company. Featured speakers include Julia Butterfly, live via cell phone from Luna; music, food, and a screening of Headwaters Action Video Collective's documentary "Luna: The Stafford Giant Tree Sit". Call the Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters Hotline (510-835-6303) for information.

  • Friday, December 11:

    Non-violence Workshop
    4 PM Nelsonpall East, Room 116, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA
    Learn the principles and history of non-violence and non-violent civil disobedience. Presentations by experienced non-violence trainers, group discussions, and role playing exercises will be conducted. This workshop will be held in a comfortable indoor space. Bring food to share, and a willingness to learn and participate. This will be a great opportunity to become involved in local forest campaigns. Call North Coast Earth First! (707-825-6598) for information.

  • Saturday, December 12:

    Luna Tree Sit One Year Rally
    12 Noon, Stafford, CA

    Please join us in celebration of Julia Butterfly's one year of continuous occupation of the ancient redwood Luna, and in protest of the Headwaters Forest Agreement and Habitat Conservation Plan. Speakers and music. Rain or shine, so come prepared for the weather. Take the Stafford off-ramp, 240 miles north of San Francisco or 30 miles south of Eureka on Highway 101, and look for the signs. Call the Luna/Headwaters Hotline (415-337-4302) for information.

  • Sunday, December 13:

    Watershed Awareness Day
    Times and locations TBA, Humboldt County

    Follow up the rally and learn more about logging issues affecting Humboldt County watersheds. Workshops, presentations, and informal discussions with local residents will take place at selected locations. This will be a perfect opportunity to find out how you can become involved in local grassroots efforts to protect our forests, streams, and the redwood ecosystem. Call the Watershed Council (707-443-7433) for information.

Recent Articles

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    Tree-sit Enters Year Two
    Thursday, December 10

  • Christian Science Monitor
    Protest and Prayer in a Redwood Perch
    Tuesday, December 8

    No Resolution to Treetop Protest
    Aired on NBC Nightly News Monday, December 7

  • San Francisco Chronicle
    A Year In the Sky
    Sunday, December 6
    http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/ar chive/1998/12/06/SC27435.DTL

  • Santa Rosa Press Democrat
    Tree Sitter Still Going Strong in Stafford
    Sunday, December 6

Butterfly to be Awarded Honorary Doctorate

The New College of California, one of the leading alternative colleges in the nation, bestows honorary degrees upon individuals whose lives embody the values that the college respects and hopes to inspire in their students - the integration of one's beliefs, knowledge and abilities with direct action in pursuit of a more just, sacred and sustainable world. In past years, honorees have included singer, songwriter, activist Jackson Browne, Anita Hill, United Farm Workers co-founder Dolores Huerta, and anti-war activist Abbie Hoffman.

This year New College will grant an Honorary Doctorate in Humanities to Julia Butterfly Hill. A recent New College press release stated that " her action has brought a spirit of resistance, hope, and reverence for the Earth to the struggle against the harvesting of old growth forests. Her Loving commitment has shown the extraordinary difference one person can make, and New College hopes its graduates will embody the simple courage she exemplifies."

New College President Peter Gabel will present the honorary degree to Julia at the Saturday, December 10th rally in Stafford, California celebrating her one year of continuous occupation of Luna.

For More Information

To receive more information regarding the Luna Mailing List including contacting Julia Butterfly and the Luna support team, donations, and other ancient redwood forest update lists and links send an email to listproc@envirolink.org with a blank subject line, and the words INFO LUNA in the message body.

On-line Donations

Throughout the month of December Bay Area Action and the Headwaters Coalition have established a system for on-line donations to the Luna Tree-sit on the web site http://www.headwatersforest.org You can now donate to help support Julia Butterfly's efforts with your credit card via the internet. All donations go directly to support the Luna Tree-sit, and donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. To make a donation go to http://www.headwatersforest.org/donate/index.html Thank you for your support.

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