History of Rameses Court No. 78



Out of a woman's gregarious spirit, and out of her yearnings for friendship, camaraderie,  spirituality, charity, contributions, culture, the mysterious and moral true way of life in character-building came the Imperial Court Daughters of Isis the 27th day of August 1926.


In this wise, we view the history of the Daughters of Isis.  It is a thing of beauty, as the record of heritage, as the source of inspiration, information, motivation, as a panorama of our past, a graphic outline of our growth, and a forecast of the future.  May it so serve.


The information serving as the introduction of the record of Rameses Court No. 78 was written by PC Dt. Sarah H. Diamond.  Dt. Diamond started with the Twenties and stopped with 1945.  PC and Past Imperial Deputy of the Oasis of Charlotte, Dt. Emma H. Dunlapp attempted to bring the record up from the re-organization of the Court on August 22, 1941 to 1971.  Past Imperial Deputy of the Oasis of Charlotte, Dt. Shirley Holley brings us as close to the millennium as possible.

This organization is known as Rameses Court No. 78, Daughters of Isis.  It is located in the Oasis of Charlotte, the Desert of North Carolina.  It is a constituent body of the Imperial Court Daughters of Isis.  Rameses Court No. 78 is the Auxiliary to Rameses Temple No. 51 of the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order of the Noble Mystic Shrine (AEAONMS) of North and South America and its Jurisdictions, Incorporated, Prince Hall Affiliated.

The object of this Organization is to unite in one common bond of friendship the Mothers, Wives, Sisters and Daughters of all Nobles of the Mystic Shrine to further give true expression fraternally to the ancient tradition of the Order; to practice charity, and benevolence; to promote general welfare, and to inoculate honor and integrity as symbolized in the legend of the Egyptian Queen -- "Goddess of Isis".

Rameses Court No. 78 was reactivated August 22, 1941.  The following members are listed on the Charter:

Illustrious Commandress - Dt.  Ella Bady
First Lieutenant Commandress - Dt. Gracie Hill
Second Lieutenant Commandress - Dt.  Mary Davis
Treasurer - Dt. Francenia Bailey
Recordress - Dt. Emma P. Johnson
Oriental Guide - Dt. Flora Griffin
Second Ceremonial Daughter - Dt. Ella Taylor
Inside Spy - Dt. Louise Alexander
Outside Spy - Dt. Ella Brown

All regular meetings of Rameses Court No. 78 are held on the first Friday of each month at 7:30 P.M. at Rameses Temple.  All meetings are opened and closed in ritualistic order.

Throughout the years of our history, Rameses Court No. 78 has hosted and participated in many activities.

During the 1960's, many of the Court and Temple functions were completed. Some activities of significance were: annual Oriental Tea; co-host for State Gala Days; Commandress Ball; sponsored Queen for Youth Bowl Games held in Winston-Salem; Christmas Party for under privileged children; Thanksgiving Services and Feast; attendance at Jubilee Day Services with the Nobility, and joint church visitations with the Nobility.

The 1970's dawned the capping ceremony for eight new Daughters in 1971. Charity projects and joint activities with the Nobility continued to be the mood of the year. Formation of the Rameses Isiserettes Youth Group occurred on October 7, 1972 in the home of Daughter Emma H. Dunlapp. Daughters Cora Currence and Grace Hill served as Advisors to the Youth Group. A Parent's Club was organized in 1973 and Dts. Eveline Stewart, Lucy Younge and Edith Greene joined the Youth Group Advisors.

Many charitable projects continued to be accomplished. The Friendly Five held fund raisers to earn money for the sick members of the Court. Dt. Emma H. Dunlapp made floral shawls for the eleven sick members of the Court. Rameses Court attended the NAACP Freedom Rights Progress Dinner in February 1976; bake sales and attic sales were held to raise money for Court projects; joint visitations to the boy's home in Gastonia; Isiserettes and Youth Group marched in the Johnson C. Smith University homecoming parade; Christmas party for the Boy's Club of Gastonia for 250 children where Dt. Emma Dunlapp was guest speaker for the event. The Parent's Club sponsored the Miss Isiserettes Pageant. Rameses Court held a fashion show at the Greenville neighborhood center; Daughters joined the Nobility for their Potentate Ball. In 1979, Dt. Emma H. Dunlapp was presented the Imperial Deputy of North Carolina Isiserettes Certificates for the Desert of North Carolina.

The 1980's marked much growth and progress for the Daughters of Rameses Court. Charitable projects included visiting the sick and shut-in; working with the Nobility in "Help A Child Smile" project; support of the Isiserettes Club; food baskets at Thanksgiving and Christmas; and various Imperial Court charity projects. Continued joint projects with the Nobility included Thanksgiving Feast and Jubilee Day services; church visitations; Desert conferences; Gala Day and Imperial Session participation. In January 1987, Rameses Temple and Court were host for the North Carolina Desert Conference. Included among the Imperial Court guests were the Imperial Commandress Daughter Gwendolyn Thompson; Imperial Recordress Daughter Catherine Maxey; Imperial High Priestess Daughter Mildred Crosby; Imperial First Ceremonial Daughter Gloria Ramsey; the Imperial Deputy of the Desert of South Carolina; and NC Grand Worthy Matron Margaret Minor.

The 1990's still mark continued growth. We always strive for greater love, peace and harmony among one another. We are very visible in our communities and supportive of our Isiserettes Club, who are our future Daughters. We visit and support our elderly Daughters especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas and also at other times. The Nobility is always available at Thanksgiving Service and the Daughters are available at Jubilee Service. We continue to participate in the Johnson C. Smith University Homecoming Parade and the Martin Luther King Parade.

In 2002, the Daughters of Rameses Court No. 78 co-hosted North Carolina Gala Day in the Oasis of Charlotte.  

The Desert of North Carolina has continued to soar to new heights since we stepped into the New Millennium.