last modified 4 June 2003 - StAndrew's added

Some Ramsbottom Churcheswhich at the moment I only have a little genealogical information for i.e. what registers are available and in what form (unless otherwise stated they can be seen at Manchester Library).

link to website for St.Andrew's Church

baptisms 1844-1922 archives
marriages 1850-1928 archives
burials 1851-1928 archives

Holcombe Emmanuel
baptisms 1726-1858 MFPR116
1813-1858 Rossendale fiche
1858-1946 archives
baptism index 1726-1812 Rossendale fiche
marriages 1837-1974 archives
burials 1726-1845 MFPR116
1845-1902 archives
burial index 1726-1812 Rossendale fiche

Holcombe Brook Independent Chapel
baptisms 1802-1817 MFPR291 with Tottington