Robin Road Mill, Summerseat c1910

created 26 August 2003

Robin Road Mills, Summerseat c1910

Quote from the book Around Ramsbottom compiled by the Ramsbottom Heritage Society:-

Half a mile down the Holcombe Brook stood water powered Robin Road Mill, Summerseat, photographed C. 1910. Peel and Yates were successful calico printers at Burv and Ramsbottom, thousands of domestic weavers supplying them with cloth. Robin Road (c.1780) was one of their five Summerseat spinning mills which provided the yarn. Weaving was the last process of cotton manufacture to automated, the adoption of the power loom causing the famous riots of April1826. Richard Hamer, the then owner, had thirty eight power looms destroyed at Robin Road on the 26th. Note the ten "tied" cottages facing the mill. The typically pre-1850 square chimney is evidence of an auxillary steam engine.

(There seems a slight confusion here since weaving and spinning are different operations and I doubt if it was an integrated mill)

RIOT! The Story of the East Lancashire Loom Breakers in 1826 by William Turner gives a good account of the happenings that day in Chapter 6 page 48/9.

Richard Hamer and his son Daniel had run four such small factories in Summerseat since 1812 when Richard bought all four from Peel, Yates and Company for 5,514. Only one, on the river bank in Higher Summerseat, had powerlooms. The others were fulling mills or spinning mills. Richard and Daniel Hamer, with several employees, were waiting outside their locked factory gates when the mob arrived in Higher Summerseat. Daniel noticed it was four o'clock-----

The Hamers went inside their silent factory. Thirty-eight powerlooms were in pieces. Richard estimated it as three hundred pounds worth. He was relieved to see there was no other damage. Not a window was broken. He, his son, and his men, started to clear the debris. -----.