Patriarchal Blessing of Gladys Irene Randolph (Bronson)
By Patriarch Joshua Carlile, July, 1916, Logan, North Dakota

Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy servant has placed his hands upon the head of thy handmaiden, Sister Gladys Irene Randolph, that she may receive her Patriarchal Blessing in its fullness. And Sister Gladys, you are a pure and holy soul; you have been accepted of your Lord ever since you embraced the Gospel. You embraced it because it was pure to thee. You embraced it with all your might mind and strength; and thus you were made free from sin; and a heir of God and joint heir with Jesus, your Savior, to all the joys of Eternity.

I feel in my soul to say you will never, oh never, forfeit you right to the crown of Glory that God has prepared for you. You will fight the good fight of faith; you will do all that reasonably lies within your power to manifest by precept and example that you love God. You love his holy word, it is precious to your soul; and this pleases your Heavenly Master. You will continue to please Him, for you will continue to do good in this life to repay the ebt you owe your Heavenly Master. You know in your heart He died for thee, that you might have life and have it more abundantly: and to reach the other shore and be permitted to live with God, and his people. This is so precious and dear to your heart that the snares and temptations of this world will never be enticing to thee; you will pass them by, and run the race with patience; and God will bless thee with an abundance of patience, so that it wil be almost impossible for the adversary of all righteousness, to cause thee to behave thyself unseemly.

While my hands are upon your head, in my soul I feel to proclaim thou art of the seed of phraim; and you will someday know what a blessing it is to be numbered with God's chosen people. And, according to your lineage, and your faithfulness to your covenant, you shall have the gift of wisdom; and it will prove a blessing to God's people. It shall be said of you; she does most assuredly conduct herself wisely and well. And in the great hereafter your actions will abound to your account. Oh how you will rejoice in this life when you read your Patriarchal Blessing; to know how richly God has blessed thee, and protected thee from danger, seen and unseen. It will bring that assurance to your heart; that your efforts in this word pleases God.

And, I say unto thee in the name of Jesus Christ: continue to be humble, and prayerful, and you will never be left alone; but God will come near unto thee. His Holy angels will administer to thee all along through the journey of life. And thus dear Sister, never at any time let an opportunity pass to bless humanity and to honor the cause of Christ; who died to win souls to Him. Oh how your soul will rejoice, as you are endeavoring to win souls to the Glorious Gospel plan. It will be meat and drink to your soul, to know that God's handmaiden can do good for her Lord and Master. And when He comes to gather his faithful children, and reward them, you will hear the welcome plaudit from your King: Well done my child, enter thou into thou everlasting rest and peace.

I seal these Blessings upon your head with the gift of Everlasting Life. Even So, Amen.