...Says the sign. Under the shining word is scratched "...To Songsprite Fields". You glance around you- you seem to be at the edge of a rather tropical forest. All this teleporting is beginning to make your head spin... In front of you lie the feilds, as the sign suggested. They seem strange for a reason that you cannot really put your finger on... Allmost too beutiful. The flowers are all of rich, dreamy colors, and the grasses golden-green. The sea can be seen to the South, which is the direction you stand facing, and distant mountains rise to the southeast. Straight to the East the forest continues, meeting the beach far away.You think you see smoke far to that direction, in the trees near the beach, so you start walking. What an odd day.
   As you continue trekking through the field, you suddenly notice that the wind is not blowing. This would normally not bother you much, except the soft music that you had deemed the wind blowing still continues. You turn, and see something bright dart into the grass. Tiny eyes peer from among the flowers... Of course! The place is called Songsprite feilds, remember? You should have expected something strange.
     Turning back towards the place where you saw the smoke, you note that you now stand directly in front of the trees. Walking through them, you decide it would be easier walking on the beach. Just as you turn in that direction, you notice a huge, weathered sign hung from a nearby tree:
You blink. This is a rather large sign. How did you miss it? And you can't see any ranch around here... Then you see a small arrow at the bottom of the sign. It points into the trees where you saw the smoke. You look around once more, then stride into the copse of trees, and almost immediately encounter a clearing. In the center stands the most unusual house you'v ever seen...