Ratik Adventure Downloads

The Loftwood Trilogy

This series takes place following RTK1-01 Best Defense and RTK1-02 A Bounty on Scalps. In game time, only a few months should have passed, but unfortunately, because of delays at HQ, there was instead a two year gap before we ever saw any new adventures in Hawaii. So in order to bypass the black hole of HQ, I released this series of mini-modules to remind everyone what has passed, to reintroduce NPCs that nobody in our region remembered, and to try to re-establish something resembling a coherent plot. None of the local players seemed to mind taking the half-XP, half-GP hit, just for the chance to play a few adventures in their home region...

The Battle for Kalmar Pass

This series premiered in May of 2003 as part of the one and only LG interactive event in Hawaii. It began with RTK3-02: For King or Country?, written by myself and one-time Ratik triad member Thomas Miller. This was originally written (and submitted) to premier in Year One. A year later I re-wrote it for release in Year Two (changing it to the new Magic Mart system). A year later I rewrote it to comply with the year 3 changes. Finally I received an official AR and permission to run the module at the May 2003 event using my copy of the module. Since that probably means the RPGA will claim rights to it, I can't upload that module here, but the following two mini-modules took place after RTK3-02, and culminated in a battle interactive that ran late and had to be cut short...

Introduction to Ratik

I wrote this introductory adventure because we finally began to see a lot of new players signing up for LG in year 3, and this seemed like the best way to introduce them to the region. For the majority of players who started in year 3, this was the only in-region game they ever had a chance to play.

Adventures Lost in Limbo

Here are the "lost" adventures. Many of which were written for Year One, then re-written by me for Years Two and Three. I'm including module blurbs for the entire year three lineup, but only uploading the ones that I wrote. As far as I'm concerned, the original authors are still the owners of that work, and maybe they'll find their way into the Metaregional adventures for Nyrond and her Environs. The only one of mine that I'm not uploading is RTK3-08 (the grand finale for Ratik in year three), because it contains spoilers for RTK3-07, which was written by another author.