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Ohio County and Surrounding County Schools

Midway School, Hartford Kentucky, Ohio County.

Midway School, Hartford Kentucky, Ohio County.

Back Row: Will francis, Worth Ashby, Artie Tatum, Artie Snell, Matthew Hoskins, Ellen Hoskins, Otha Hoskins, Anthony Hocker, Addie Faught, Bill Roeder, Arnold Faught, Walter francis, Arvin Yonts, Unie Blanchard, Mansfield Blanchard & son (Claudis), Ollie Snell,-------,-------, Rev. Dehart, Roy Roeder, Buelah Roeder & Carlis, Estil Bishop, Medford Blanchard, Zella Peyton, Will Ross, Everett Ball, Lillie Ball, ------- Sandofer, Drotha Ford, Lizzie Ford, Ora Ross Beatrice Yonts, Mary Ford, Rosie Sandofer, Doomie Francis, Conrad Blanchard. Row 2: Kendell parks, Lewis Brown, ---------, Barney hocker, Alfred Blanchard with Louva & Willard, Arthur Faught, Alice fulkerson,------------Erasmas Bishop, Nova Bishop, Dale Ashby, Joe Snell, Rev. Morris Snell, Carrie martin, -------------, Cora Shoulders,------------, --------------, -------------, Lee Myrl Blanchard, & Jessie, Earl Blanchard, Edna Hoskins, Mable Ross, Emma Baize, Mary Carter, Bernice Carter, Jute Carter, Alvie Rowe, Clara Belle Ford & Charles William Ford. Row 3: Viola Francis & Ernest, Brenis Yonts & Lillian, Ollie Francis & Mary, Nell Roeder with Mildred & Clifford, Willis Roeder, Estelle Blanchard & Carnell, Elvie Blanchard & William Earl, Irene Shoulders, Rosie Rowe, Permelia Baize, Bertha Snell, Nellie Goff & Myrl, Ray Bishop, Bea Bishop & Pulston Baize, Mamie Stewart & Carlis, Antha Brown,7 Virginia Brown, Nan Barnes, Rhoda Tichenor & ----------, Lum Coleman & Lockie Yonts, dick Carter & Opal Baize, Jim Will Coleman & Virginia Ross, John Coleman, Margaret DeHart,-----------, Nelson Blanchard. Row:4 Alvis Fulkerson & Ester, Jim Baize, Reatha Blanchard & Neice; Ada Mae Blanchard, Evelyn Francis, Vitula Blanchard, Leonard Rowe, Evie Fulkerson, Leona Yonts, Evie Porter, Jay Porter, Albert Rowe, Melvin Shoulders & Madelyn, Gussie Porter & Everett jr., Bob Brown, Amos Blanchard,----------------, Mary Blanchard, Arbie Yonts, Edna Rowe, Mrs. (John) Alice Coleman, Bertie Baize & Melvin, Alice Coleman. Front Row: Leon Francis, Albert Blanchard, Reney Fulkerson,----------, Ruby carter, Ernie Yonts, Areatha Carter, Thomas Blanchard, Elbert Rowe, Myrtle Blanchard, Imogene Martin, Charles DeHart, Mary Elizabeth Wright, Judith DeHart Schroeter, Mattie DeHart, Elbert Peyton, Otie Martin with dog.

The Bandy School = 1915

The teacher, top row right, is Miss Nannie Dowell. The three girls on the back row are (from left): Beulah Norton Dowell, Lillian Bell Macy and Kathleen Bell Adkisson. Other pictured are: front row, from left: Harm McCoy, Arthur Beatty, Ernest Norton, Ruby Reynolds, Nell Bandy, Mary Beatty, Earl Richardson. Second row, from left: Elijah Norton, Ray Bell and Jesse Beatty. Third row, from left: Huet Reynolds, Arthur Dowell, Orum Norton, Elva Payne, Rennie Beatty, Wilbur Norton Glen McCoy. The Bandy School was closed in 1920. Photo courtesy Elijah Norton, Hardinsburg. Published in the County Herald-News, Hardinsburg, Kentucky, Thursday January 12, 1978

Bandy School 1916 – All listed left to right
Top row: Kathleen Bell, Eliza Beatty, Nannie Dowell (teacher), Lillian Bell, Hessie Beatty and Beulah Norton
Second row: Oceanes Johnson, Jesse Beatty, Ray Bell, Rena Beatty and Elijah Norton
Bottom row: Ruby Johnson, Nell Bandy, Mary Beatty, Ernest Norton and Arthur Beatty

Conklin School-1909 Listed LEFT to RIGHT
Top row: Lawrence Conder, Wavie Beatty, Artie Chancellor, George Eldridge, Lizzie Beatty, Bertha Chancellor and Nova Drane Conklin
Fourth row: Jessie Owen (teacher), Elmer Stone, Mimmie Conklin, Carl Drane, Grover Lucas, Eva Beatty, Annie Beatty, Ima Lucas, Rosie Beatty, Jasper Chancellor and Leonard Conder
Third row: Gracie Hazelwood, Rema Moore, Mae Hazelwood, Lennie Hazelwood, Dewey Conklin, Vancy Drane, Effie Blair and Emma Dennison
Second row: Hershell Beatty, Lessie Lucas, Pansy Moore, Mable Beatty, Murl Moore, Sherman Beatty, Charles Moore, William Moore, Marie Conklin, Hazel Mercer and Hobart Pryor
Bottom row: Guy Lucas, Carl Lucas, Lee Beatty, Temple Beatty, Verna Blair, Clayton Blair and Emil Dennison

Hopewell School – 1908
This photo was taken in October, 1908. The Hopewell School was located west of Leitchfield and SE of Short Creek in Grayson County, KY. The only person I have a name for in the photo is my father Wavy Beatty. He is the young man on the right hand side of the second row from the top. Any help anyone could give in identifying other persons in the photo would be very much appreciated.

Horse Branch High School
Freshman class of 1940-1941 - Rows listed LEFT to RIGHT
Top row: Roderick Shain, Tommy Stringfield, Hushel L. Sandefur, Jr., Ellis Miller, Van Owen House, Jr.
Third row: Mildred Arnold, Alma Wright, Ola C. Miller, Lou Anna Daugherty, H.D. Arnold, James Autry, Willis Quiggins, Charles Beck
Second row: J.J. Turner (teacher), Barney Leach, Raymond Arnold, Lois Jeannette Beatty, Christine Underhill, Wanda Taylor,Deveria Wilson, Juanita Wilson
Bottom row: Cecil Payton, Gloria Baize, Nellie Duncan, Alice Keith, ? Faught, Gracie Maze, Mary Louise Crume, James Hines, Milton Boyd Beatty

Horse Branch High School
Senior Class – 1934-35 – Listed LEFT to RIGHT
Top row: Pirtle Boyd Sandefur, Geoffrey O. Allen, Onis Morris, Juanita Myrtle Baize, Delbert Logsdon, Aaron P. Sinclair (teacher)
Seated: Harold Arnold, Virginia Covey Wilson, Paul Wilson, Gladys Park, Ervin Dee Minton

Horse Branch High School 1931 - All listed LEFT to RIGHT
Top row: Clemmie Oller, Anna Bee Wilson, Elsie Stewart, Ruby Stringfield, Onis Morris,
Roy Lindsey, Geoffrey Allen, Delmer Autry, Earl Crume, Blemmer Landrum,
Cary Paul Baize, Lucy Lee Edwards, Charlotte Monroe, Johnny Cummins, Lillian Arnold
and Juanita Baize
Fourth row: Raymond Renfrow, Dave Lambert, Larry Wilson,
Wilson Whitworth, Carson Autry and Willie Stewart
Third row: Ruby Burden, Gladys Tarrance, Ruby Sanders, Lydia Mollyhorn,
Vernon Stogner, Helen Park, Erlis Simpson, Myrtle McCormack, Connie Wilson,
Bessie Daniel, C. P. Davis, Elsie Jewell Payton, Anna Mary Crume, Mae Arnold, A.P. Sinclair(teacher)
Second row: Alene Leach (teacher), Virginia House, Gladys Park,
Stanley Sanders, Cecil McDaniel, Beatrice Opal Tarrance, Harld Arnold,
Mamie McDaniel, Ervin Minton, Virginia Wilson, Tom Ford, Edna Sipes,
Natalia Decker and Gertha Oller
Bottom row: Carl Myers, Willie Logsdon, Pirtle Boyd Sandefur,
Oval Baize, Randall Crume, Blummer McCormack, Paul Wilson,
Delbert Logsdon, Unidentified, Smith Monroe and Cully Ford

PineKnob 1913 Grayson County, Kentucky

PineKnob School Taken About 1914

Old PineKnob School, Grayson Co., KY. 1922 or 1923
On the left side of the door only, back row, left to right
Layman CATLIN, Russell SHAIN, Leo SHAIN & Honus Sherman SHAIN.
Front row, L-R, is Lester Thomas YOUNG, Paul SHAIN, Elsie
DOOLIN & Willie B. WILSON. Gentleman near door with two little
girls is Earl SHAIN. The two little girls, L-R, are Lillian
SHAIN & Adeline Adolph BOONE.
On the right side of the door, back row, L-R is Nona CRUME (teacher),
Edna Hazel YOUNG, Hildred SHAIN, Lucille Garnett YOUNG, Virgie Mae STRASBURGER
& Goldie SHAW. The girl right in front of the teacher and
the girl in the front with her head down are UNKNOWN.
Remaining four girls, L-R, are Lavonne BASHAM,
Gustava BOONE, Ruby Mae GREEN & Irene SHAW.

RineKnob School Grayson County, Kentucky
1934 - 1935

Back row L-R: Roger Green, Kenneth Stinson, Esby Geary, Irene Shaw,
Gordon Litsey, Hayward Kebbell, Unknown, Unknown
3rd row L-R : Enola Kebbell, Edna Mae Warfield, Edna Mae Geary,
Ralph Roger Boone, Unknown, J. C. Shaw, Verna Rhea Kebbell, Catherine Shaw, Luvane Basham (Teacher)
2nd row L-R: Unknown, Marie Payton, Unknown, Lorena Shaw, Roxie
Green, Cuba Green, Ivy Shain, Unknown, Edna Shaw, Ruby Mae Green
Front row L-R: Odell Deweese, Kenneth Kermitt Boone, Unknown, Unknown, W. B. Kebbell, Unknown

old Possum Trot School
This photo, believed to have been taken about 1917, is of the teacher
and students of the old Possum Trot School in Grayson County, KY. The teacher
(far left) was Carl H. BOONE. The student on the far right is Fred BOONE,
Carl Boone’s younger brother. Any help with identification of other students in the photo would be appreciated.

Rishland School 1898 or 1900 All listed LEFT to RIGHT

Fifth row: Van Wilson, Presley Renfrow and Warren Peyton (teacher)
Fourth row: Dausie Peyton, Naomi Wilson, --- Wilson, Sarah Wilson,
Tandy Porter, Junie Renfrow (holding baby Clarence Renfrow), Norman
Wilson, Bertha Wilson, Floyd Porter and Erminie Porter
Third row: Crit Peyton, Loy Wilson, Otto Bratcher, Cortis Peyton,
Willie Patterson, Oscar Wilson, Lillie Hardy, Ida Porter and Lula Peyton
Second row: Ellice Peyton, Annie Wilson, Harry Bratcher, Otis Goff,
Floyd Peyton, Fred Porter, Clay Wilson, Bob Wilson, Wavy Beatty,
Junie Peyton, Clydie Wilson, Ethel Peyton, Stella Bratcher and Courtney Goff
First row: Tradettie Wilson, Shady Beatty, Edgar Peyton, Hersy
Beatty, Fred Peyton, Arthur Wilson, Ilden Edwards, Clarence Hardy,
Clarence Peyton, Chester Wilson and Josie Peyton

Rosine Elementry School - 1930

The teacher on the left is Boyce Taylor, on the right, Fred Crume.
left to right are: Top Row: Porter Stewart, V. C. Taylor, Unidentified, Martin Pierce,
Ralph Collard, Helen Kuykendall,
Hazel Lindsey, Otis Peach, Unidentified, Carl Stringfield, Unidentified, Addie Peach,
Vivian Phelps, Goldie Johnson, Loretta Stringfield, Charles Daugherty, Charles Maze
4th Row: Willard Peach, Ed Napier, Ruth Whitehead, Unidentified, Walter Johnson, Vernie Logsdon,
Unidentified, Unidentified, Lawrence Kuykendall, Vernon Logsdon
3rd Row: Kenneth Payton, Forrest Stringfield, H.C. Monroe, Noble Leach, Jr. Crowder,
Virginia Lee Stewart, Kathleen Burden,
Flossie McDaniel, Alma Hatler, Lorene McDaniel, Unidentified, Unidentified, Pauline Logsdon,
Essie Peach, Lorene Stewart, Juanita Stewart, Gladys McDaniel, Earl B Ragland, Thomas (Bud) Lunsford
2nd Row: Helen Napier, Unidentified, Mercedis Logsdon, Edna Johnson, Donnie Pharris,
Maurece Leach, Unidentified, Kathleen Pierce, June Phyllis Burden,
Robbie Nell Burden, Nellis Napier, Lois Napier, Rhoetta Monroe,
Dorothy Crowder, Gracie Mayze, Unidentified, Procia Nadine Royal,
Wanda Crowder, Charles Wallace
Bottom Row: Edgar Basham, Unidentified, James (Monkey) Taylor, Darrell Basham, Jr. Peach,
Nolan Peach, V.O. House, Jr., Jesse Maze, J.R. Lunsford,
Elton Hatler, L.C. Bartley, Arlis Pharris OR Billy Hatler, Harlen Logsdon,
Carl OR Earl Maze, G.W. House, Dewey Lee Alford, Quentin Payton
Any help with further identification would be appreciated

Rosine School 1932 - 1933 Grades 1-4

Left to Right: Top Row: Mrs. Kessinger (teacher), Edna Johnson, Gladys McDaniel, Thomas Autry,
Ed Napier, Thomas Lindsey, Earl B. Ragland and Quentin Payton
Third Row: James Autry, Elizabeth Stewart, Ruetta Monroe, Wanda Crowder, Kathleen Pierce,
Darrell Basham, George Lindsey, Robbie Nell Burden and Zelma Lindsey
Second Row: Orville Westerfield, Gay Nell Burden, Mercedes Logsdon, Alma Johnson, Helen Oller,
Marcella Logsdon, Nellie Napier, Maurice Leach, Lou Anna Daugherty and Gracie Maze
Bottom Row: Jessie Maze, Kenneth Basham, Van House Jr., J.R. Lunsford, Ed Basham,
Billy Hatler and Cecil Payton

Salem County School 1934 - 1935

Listed LEFT to RIGHT: Top row: Leslie B. Crume (teacher), Gladys
Hazelwood, Sam Cannon, ? Sinclair, J. T. Petty and Ada Bell Phelps Second row: Wesley Phelps,
Aaron Mitchell, Lois Jeannette Beatty, Edna Daniel and Joy Camp
Bottom row: ? Petty, ? Petty, James Brownd, ? ?, Louise Cannon, Louise Arnold, Milton Boyd Beatty, Celie Keith and H.D. Arnold

Short Creek School - Class of 1907
Back row, 5th from the left is Ora May Duncan
Second row, 3rd from the left is Lula Frances Royalty
Any help with identities in this picture would be appreciated

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