The Kid Commandos

First Appearance: Invaders #29 (June 1978)
Appearances: Invaders #29, 39.
Years Active: 1942-?

Agent Axis, the superhuman operative for the Axis powers, kidnaped Bucky (I) and Toro and presented them to the Japanese-American doctor Sam Sabuki, demanding that he perform a special operation on the pair of heroes so that Axis would be restored to his original state.

Before this could take place Bucky (I) and Toro tried to escape, and in the ensuing brawl one of Sabuki's machines exploded, granting superpowers to the two other captives strapped to the machine: Davey Mitchell and Gwenny Lou Sabuki.

Mitchell and Sabuki gained superpowers through this happy accident, and they became the Human Top (II) and Golden Girl (II). Mitchell and Sabuki used their new powers to defeat Agent Axis. After the battle was over all four heroes decided that they liked working together and decided to remain a team, the Kid Commandos.

The team undoubtedly separated by war's end, what with Bucky (I) dying and all. The Human Top (II) and the Golden Girl (II) went on to become founding members of the V-Battalion.

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The Kid Commandos. Another of Eric Colley's good works.

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