The Dark Kingdom
Beacause I love these guys so much, I have made this little sub-site dedicated to bios on everyone's favorite kawaii evil death-men. o.O Perhaps I will move all my Dark KIngdom fan art to here, but for now, I'm a lil bit tooo lazy. ;P
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10. The Dark Kingdom website is no longer part of the East Coast Swingers Webring

9. The Dark Kingdom website now has sakura floating on every page O_o

8. The only reason Sailors Iron Crow and Aluminium Siren come down to visit the Dark Kingdom any more is to exchange make-up and gossip with Zoisite

7. Nephrite's much-loved red Ferrari has somehow found its way into a charity auction benefitting the Death Busters (you could just imagine the Witched 5 fighting over it...)

6. The normally bleak and omnious Dark Kingdom is now festooned with flowers, candles, poetry, and stuffed animals that grieving youmas have laid down in front of a makeshift memorial to him (which wouldn't last five minutes with Zoi-boy around, but oh well...)

5. The grieving youmas have requested that Elton John sing a remake of "Candle in the Wind" for Nephrite (after which, Kunzite hires Elton to serenade Zoisite and then slurps his energy)

4. Meanwhile back at Juuban Junior High, Naru is dressed entirely in black while Umino is cheerfully humming "The Girl is Mine" nonstop

3. Pantene Pro-V and Brooks Brothers suits have both just lost a potential spokesman

2. Queen Beryl can't get a wink of sleep because of Zoi-boy's nonstop victory party

1. If egos were corpereal (forgive my bad spelling) beings, Zoisite's would be the size of Pluto by now

Courtesy of Vanessa Sodd. :D