Sailor Iron Mouse Info

In depth  info on that Queen of Kawaii. (At least it will be when I get all of it up. ^^)

Mousie's profile
An old and lame profile of Sailor Iron Mouse. Just scratches the surface, and nothing more.

Sailor Iron Mouse's Character in the Anime

The Mouse I learned to love. Read about her sparkling personality here!

Sailor Iron Mouse's Mission in the Anime

The job description.

Sailor Iron Mouse's Character in the Manga
Now that I've finally looked at some manga, I can make an intellient-ish argument 'bout it. ^_^

Sailor Iron Mouse's Mission in the Manga
What exactly did she DO?

Physical Appearance of Sailor Iron Mouse

Physical Appearance of Nezu Chuuko
Don't you think it's time you got a zoot suit?

Silver Streak!
A comparison between Mousie and other white haired Sailormoon characters. Any similaries? And why are white haired 'toons so damn COOL??

Iron Mouse In Sera Myu
The little-known, musical incarnation of Mousie! Read about her expolits in the Sailor Moon Musicals.

Anime and Manga- The Differences
Your handy-dandy contrast list listing differences between the anime and manga versions of Sailor Iron Mouse.

Iron Mouse Facts
A bunch of interesting stuff about Sailor Iron Mouse. Not many people know that... ^_~