Cute Sailor Iron Mouse Adoptions!
Here are some KEEEECUTE things I adopted from various sites (Links given beside the image.) And things you can adopt from here! Don't worry about html, just take the image! ^_^
Kawaii Chibi Mouse from Sailor Iron Mouse Cute Shrine!
This is just beyond adorable! *_* This is from the wonderful Troublemakers and All Things Naughty.
Please take home one of my Mice for your site!
Not Mouse related, but they will keep her company- and Mousie has good taste in men, ne? It's the new craze, from! Gotta catch 'em all! ^_~
Aren't these just too cute? Check out the other spiffy adoptions at
YES! YES YES!! WAAAAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAA!! *Ahem* You can catch your own Anime lovely at
She's cute, she's purty, she's Chibi Mouse from the Realm of Sailor Energy!