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Southern Illinoisan: July 4, 1991

Axl Rose jumps into crowd, touches off concert riot

MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. (AP) - Axl Rose, lead singer of the heavy metal rock group Guns N' Roses, yelled at security guards to take a camera from a fan before leaping into the crowd and touching off a riot, witnesses said Wednesday.
     About 60 people were injured, including 15 police officers. The new Riverport Amphitheater sustained $200,000 in damage Tuesday night, Police Chief Neil Kurlander. An estimated 3,000 rioters rampaged at the concert attended by 15,400 people, Kurlander said.
     Kurlander said 13 adults and two juveniles were arrested on charges including assaulting an officer, resisting arrest, destruction of property and failure to disperse.
     Police also were considering filing charges against Rose, who left town shortly after the disturbance. But Kurlander wouldn't speculate on what charges, if any, might be sought. "We're not going to be stampeded into making criminal charges," he said.
     Conflicting reports said it was either a video camera or a still camera with flash that angered Rose. All cameras are banned at the theater.
     "He was yelling about it and then he said, 'If security's not going to do anything about it, then I will,' and he just dove, like three rows back," said Jason Lester, 29, who was about 20 feet from Rose.
     "I couldn't believe he would be so stupid. It was such a dumb thing to do."
     Security guards moved in and lifted Rose, who was swinging his arms, back on stage, but the angry singer slammed his cordless microphone and stomped off.
     "Then all hell broke loose," said security guard David Boelhof.


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