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.: Bicycles on Broadway

Appealing to local public interests using an effective organizing methods is our mission.

The more our interested parties within West Broadway learn and come together for any common interest, the easier it is for them to work together to create meaningful and effective communication.

.: Serving locally

For the people, by the people

In Affiliation with: Freewheel Bicycle, One on One bike studio, The City of Minneapolis Bicycle program, etc.

Minneapolis is the 2nd largest bicycling city in the nation - and there's good reason! Have you started using your bicycle to move ahead with the city?

.: Our purpose

Design Online incorporated works with bicycle related businesses and programs to be implemented and extended to the West Broadway area.

We combine skills from design, marketing and interactive technology with a forum consisting of local social action organizations, children’s advocates, neighborhood and environmental groups, and housing and community developers.

Engaging the community with local bicycle project consulting teams (in the areas of advocacy, services, education, volunteering, etc) made up of an independently organized board of professionals - similar to a PTA.

.: Connect

Use the links to the left to learn more about Bicycles on Broadway, find out how to get your own bike, learn how to fix and use it, find upcoming outreach events, learn about our sponsored programs and opportunities, or to join our community.

.: Thank you!

Remember that good health and community activism starts with you

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