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Note: For semi-sextile, read the sextile. For semi-square, read the square. The same traits and characteristics apply, but they will not be as prominent, as pronounced or as influential as they are with either the sextile or square.

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Jupiter Conjunct Uranus: Your intuition and judgment work hand in hand if not afflicted by Mercury or Mars. You should trust your intuitive powers and act on them unless afflicted by Neptune. Your strong religious views lean toward unorthodox, progressive and occult forms of religion. Unexpected opportunities for education and training open new possibilities for personal growth and expansion as well as business and profit in unusual areas, often involving science or electricity. You think and act for yourself with originality and ingenuity in business, education and religion. You have a deep respect for knowledge, but may feel you must learn everything there is to know. You dislike any restriction and resent any attempts to tie you down. You generally oppose the established way of doing things and if you're involved in politics, you're a reformer. You're generous toward friends and encourage others who are interested in doing worthwhile, unusual things. You're likely to travel suddenly due to restlessness. You can have some unusual physical characteristics.
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Jupiter Trine Uranus: You have a powerful magnetic personality, creative ability and inspiration. You're determined, a humanitarian, intuitive, optimistic, original, practical and warm (but not sentimental.) You dislike all forms of conventionality and your life is full of unexpected and unusual events. You dislike restraint and demand personal freedom. You seek excitement, often through frequent and sudden air or water travel. Past positive karma manifests in unexpected, beneficial events. You're capable of keen, accurate judgment enabling you to take advantage of opportunities others don't recognize. If you're involved in politics, you're usually a liberal and a reformer. You're an active leader in groups, especially if occult oriented. You're interested in progressive type religions and often have flashes of spiritual inspiration. You can be a real genius, achieving fame and popularity through causes you espouse. You often have unusual adventures in foreign lands. Finances are not a problem but a wrong attitude can make a pauper out of a millionaire. You can achieve any goal you set with development and success coming in later life.
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Jupiter Square Uranus: You're excessively impulsive, impractical and idealistic. Your mind is keen and your reflexes fast, but you're apt to be impatient with slower minds. You throw all your energy into a cause and then suddenly abandon it. Many of your adventures are ill-defined and grandiose schemes. Your judgment is not always sound so speculation because sudden, unforeseen events will likely nullify any gain. You often get urges for travel and adventure and may become a wandering bohemian. You're restless, outspoken, enthusiastic, independent and willful. Cultivate patience and forethought and learn moderation in all things. You want to start at the top but lack preparation, causing conflict between the status quo and your desire for freedom and independence. You're critical of accepted codes and convention and try to change them, but you often take on more than you can handle. You and your friends are often unreliable and misleading. You often gripe about trivial things. You must avoid being hypocritical. You have a liberal religious outlook, but can be too forceful in promoting your ideas, or you may become involved in eccentric religious beliefs or dangerous forms of cultism.
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Jupiter Sextile Uranus: You're creative, determined, generous, kind, optimistic, original, popular, well liked and warm without being sentimental. Your prophetic vision and/or extraordinary insight into the future enable you to make constructive use of new conditions. You can profit financially through new industries brought about by scientific advancements. Although finances are not a problem, a wrong attitude can make a pauper of a millionaire. You have an unusual life filled with unexpected and unusual events if you want them and take advantage of the opportunities presented. You refuse to be tied down by convention or propriety. You seem to be lucky in sudden, unexpected ways. You have a powerful, magnetic personality that attracts many friends who you like to entertain in your home. You have leadership ability and can achieve any goal you set. Your hopes and wishes are fulfilled since you're open-minded and optimistic. You're capable of keen, accurate judgment and development and success come in the middle of your life. You're often interested in new forms of religious expression or in religious applications of occult sciences. You're often involved in humanitarian efforts and may belong to groups of unusual nature.
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Jupiter Inconjunct Uranus: You're overly optimistic and restless, often setting goals far above your capabilities. You seldom give enough attention to detail and must learn discipline and proper management or you'll probably have financial and legal problems. Your outspokenness can become unbearable to others, but don't allow anyone to force you to prove your friendship. You tend to moan about trivial things.
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Jupiter Opposite Uranus: You're restless and full of wanderlust, often taking sudden journeys, which can cause financial ruin. You're enthusiastic and independent, but also willful and outspoken, which can become unbearable to others. You're often unpopular because you're too blunt and undiplomatic. You're critical of accepted codes and try to change them, but it may prove more than you can handle. You want to start at the top, but lack proper preparation. You often promise more than you can deliver and must learn moderation in all you do. You of ten make unwise attempts at financial, religious and social expansion and may become a victim of others' unrealistic or dishonest schemes. You're highly idealistic and well intentioned, but often have unbridled flights of fancy that have no basis in reality. Financial speculation often involves large amounts of your and your friends' money and often run into unforeseen difficulties. You often become involved in unconventional religious cults and your reputation may suffer or you may have problems in friendships or social relationships if you actively and/or forcefully try to convert others. You tend to moan about trivial matters. You must avoid being hypocritical.
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