Mars Aspects to Uranus

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Note: For semi-sextile, read the sextile. For semi-square, read the square. The same traits and characteristics apply, but they will not be as prominent, as pronounced or as influential as they are with either the sextile or square.

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Mars Conjunct Uranus: You're courageous, willful, headstrong, hot-tempered, intolerant, persistent, decisive and, if afflicted, extremely accident prone and apt to have a nervous breakdown. Your intuition is strong and reliable and you have a tremendous strength and healing power when used to benefit others. You rebel against any constraint and hate double-dealing or hypocrisy. You constantly seek excitement through danger and unusual actions, and may be a reckless driver. You often lack prudence and if the eighth house is involved, your actions can result in a sudden, unexpected death which, if afflicted, can also be violent. These dramatic, often dangerous, actions give you emotional satisfacion. Learn to relax in order to recharge yourself. You're mechanically and scientifically inclined, especially involving electronics, but if afflicted, these may be dangerous tendencies. You're often interested in aviation, especially in an air sign. You do well in occupations requiring a great deal of energy and daring as long as you take safety precautions. You thrive on hard work and do your best in times of danger.
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Mars Trine Uranus: You're adventurous, direct, extremely energetic, independent, individualistic, outspoken, romantic and sexually impulsive, but you often demand your personal freedom at any cost. You have a positive attitude, a strong magnetic personality, strong willpower and the ability to act decisively. You want an exciting life and often go out of your way to seek unusual experiences. You find it difficult to accept discipline and won't conform to any rule that doesn't make sense. You thrive on hard work and use original methods to attain your professional goals. All your actions are original and/or resourceful. You're able to reject old ideas to bring about new ones and you're skilled in practical applications of the occult. You're able to get a lot done quickly, but may lack the common sense to control your impulsiveness. You have inventive and engineering ability, especially with electromechanical devices. You seek to lead groups and organizations. You must cultivate poise and self-control. You can experience nervous strain and tension.
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Mars Square Uranus: You're actions are dangerous, reckless and erratic and often lack a sustained effort. In extreme cases, men especially can be thrill seekers. You crave excitement, especially in areas ruled by the signs and houses of Mars and Uranus. You tend to take risks if unusual or exciting experiences are possible. You also have a tendency for risky love affairs and often shun marriage or an ordered way of life. You're accident prone, argumentative, eccentric, excitable, idealistic, impatient, intolerant, nervous (creating tension) and willful. You tend to disagree with your friends and associates and must learn patience and cooperation. You want to overthrow the established order by drastic means. Since a violent streak is easily aroused, you must guard against your sudden temper and impulsiveness. You may be a victim of violence that, if the eighth house is involved, may result in your death. You must be careful around machinery and electrical devices which can cause accidents or death. Air travel can also pose a danger. You hate routine. You often have tension headaches. You must learn to recognize your own limitations.
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Mars Sextile Uranus: You have courage, a forceful disposition, a positive attitude, a strong magnetic personality, willpower and lots of nervous energy that creates stress and strain. You thrive on hard work and are able to take quick, decisive action, accomplishing tasks with originality. Unique accomplishments can bring fame and status. You can have a literal do-or-die attitude as you often lack the common sense necessary to control your impulsiveness. You know exactly what you want, which is an exciting life, and you usually get it. You find it difficult to accept discipline and won't obey a rule unless it makes sense. You're individualistic, romantic and sexually impulsive. The positive traits of Aries and Scorpio are stressed. You have electronic, mechanical, scientific and aviation ability and interests. You can get a great deal done quickly.
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Mars Inconjunct Uranus: You're accident prone, argumentative, eccentric and intolerant and you must develop patience. You act hastily and with antagonism when you're frustrated and must learn to think before speaking or acting. You feel like you're under constant pressure, creating lots of nervous tension. You hate routine and have an easily aroused violent streak. You're vulnerable to public criticism and must learn to listen to others' viewpoints.
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Mars Opposite Uranus: You have explosive outbursts of energy that can manifest as arguments and misunderstandings causing friends to become enemies due to ill-considered actions. You're apt to have someone with a quick temper around you and must learn not to react to it. You tend to become involved in reckless love affairs, often shunning marriage or an ordered way of life. You're accident prone, argumentative, erratic, ill-tempered, impatient, intolerant, irritable, self-willed and stubborn. You hate routine and discipline and can't be made to do what you don't want to do. You have a desire for freedom at all costs and want your way all the time. You often confuse desire with will. You tend to overwork, even though your efforts are sporadic. You often take risks and must be sure your judgment is sound before acting. You lack moderation in all you do and must learn to recognize your own limitations. As a youngster, you can be restless and engage in revolutionary activity. You want to change the old, but have no new to replace it with. Your ambitions lead to dangerous and unstable situations. Your death can be violent and possibly in a war. Sudden, drastic changes in your life create lots of nervous tension. Electronics and machinery can pose a danger. You have an easily aroused violent streak.
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