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Note: For semi-sextile, read the sextile. For semi-square, read the square. The same traits and characteristics apply, but they will not be as prominent, as pronounced or as influential as they are with either the sextile or square.

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Mercury Conjunct Mars: You have great mental energy and a clear, incisive mind able to make, and act upon, quick, sometimes impulsive decisions. You're restless, curious, impatient, impulsive and love debate and argument-- if afflicted, these may become heated and combative. You're always moving forward, rarely glancing backward need to slow down at times. You have good writing ability and a keen wit. You may be satirical, controversial and hasty to judge others. If afflicted, your desires can overpower your mind, blinding you to reason. You're competitive and tend to take sides, becoming involved in partisan causes, and like to show others how much you know. Your mind is mechanically inclined. You're mentally aggressive, saying just what you think, and women particularly, can be too blunt, sarcastic and aggressive. The sign and house the conjunction is in are important and show the areas most influenced by the conjunction. You have the determination and energy to succeed but, if afflicted, may work to the point of mental breakdown.
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Mercury Trine Mars: You're quick, perceptive, practical, trustworthy and brave but, if Aries is too strong, you may be reckless too. You never stop learning and are able to seriously study, but you must apply yourself since you tend to be restless. You can find others' weaknesses and take advantage of those weaknesses. You're creative, literary and good at crafts, mechanical things and engineering since you have good manual and mechanical dexterity. You're abundant mental energy is good for debating and you communicate dramatically and forcefully, especially when trying to mold public opinion. You have an almost immediate response to mental stimuli and a fantastic ability for practical application of scientific knowledge. You have common sense, exceptional eyesight and hearing, but if Venus is not well placed, you may be crude. You're fond of children but often remain childless.
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Mercury Square Mars: You're curious, combative, opinionated, intelligent, faultfinding, sharp-tongued and have an active, energetic mind. The expenditure of mental energy can lead to physical exhaustion and you're prone to headaches and nervous disorders, including breakdowns. You may be accident prone if you don't control your temper. You can be overly impulsive, jumping to conclusions, and must realize your judgment is fallible. Even if your reasoning is sound (and it's often colored by your emotions), you may not have all the facts. You tend to be-come overheated and irritable and may not be able to express yourself pleasingly. You can be mentally cruel if Scorpio is strong and you're apt to ride roughshod over others to attain your goals. You must strive for patience, to be deliberately diplomatic and to learn to listen to others' views. To do this, you need to learn concentration and compromise and need more mental detachment and less ego. You tend to overwork and must overcome your bad temper and sarcastic nature. Guard against being dishonest and exaggerating since you may even have criminal tendencies if heavily afflicted.
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Mercury Sextile Mars: You're creative, decisive, literary, quick, perceptive, practical, trustworthy and brave, but you may be reckless if Aries is too strong. You have mental energy, a sharp intellect, common sense, exceptional eyesight and hearing and the ability to make your point understood by others. You never stop learning. You can find another's weakness and use it to your advantage. You're a good debater with a dramatic delivery. You speak clearly and directly, but if Venus is not well-placed, you can be crude. You say what you mean and mean what you say. You have good mechanical and manual dexterity along with scientific, engineering and strategic ability. You're ability to plan makes you effective and productive and your ideas are put to practical use. Although fond of children, you often remain childless.
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Mercury Inconjunct Mars: You're a hard worker but must develop a sense of priority. You're mentally impatient, impulsive and, at times, rebellious and irritating. You tend to overwork and your health suffers if you don't moderate your activities. You can be fault-finding and self-important since your efforts often go unappreciated by others. You're well-informed but, since you take on too many responsibilities, you're not always able to use your information. You may have criminal tendencies.
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Mercury Opposite Mars: You have a good intellect, an argumentative disposition, strong ambitions and determination and possible criminal tendencies. You're curious, sharp-tongued, opinionated, fault-finding, nervous, hypersensitive and overly impulsive, often leaping to conclusions prematurely. The expenditure of mental energy can lead to exhaustion and you're prone to headaches. You start verbal conflicts with others when you feel you've been abused and, at times, just for the sake of arguing, often leaving you on the outs with friends, family and co-workers. Although you're a stickler for accuracy in thought and word, you're impulsiveness causes you to overlook details. You're unable to see things from another's point of view. You take your ideas too personally and an attack on your thoughts is taken as a personal affront. You can achieve your goals with persistence and well directed energy, but tend to overwork. You can get into arguments over the use of joint resources. You need to learn concentration and compromise. If an angular house is involved, you may be the victim of gossip.
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