Mercury Aspects to Pluto

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Mercury Sextile Pluto Mercury Inconjunct Pluto Mercury Opposite Pluto

Note: For semi-sextile, read the sextile. For semi-square, read the square. The same traits and characteristics apply, but they will not be as prominent, as pronounced or as influential as they are with either the sextile or square.

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Mercury Conjunct Pluto: Your mind is deep, subtle, persuasive, penetratting, probing, persistent and inclined to go to extremes. You're fascinated by the mysterious and the unknown and determined to get to the bottom of what you want to understand. You're able to see through others and ferret out secrets. Truth is more important than comfort-- yours or others. You have strong willpower, combined with real genius and resourcefulness. You're interested in the energy flow that creates matter. If afflicted, you may have a power complex and be mentally overbearing, trying to remake others' thoughts and mental perceptions. You can also be deceitful if afflicted. If well aspected, you have a natural ability to throw off worry. This aspect may adversely affect your health.
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Mercury Trine Pluto: In a few cases, reality is understood to be an interplay of energies. In most people, this manifests as an ability to get at the root of things. You're analytical, courageous, diplomatic, individualistic and witty but can also be crafty. Your thinking is restless and you have sudden changes of opinion, but you have the ability to improve your mental abilities and your manner of communication. You have good concentration, deep comprehension and the ability to use your willpower intelligently. You like competition, possibly because you can exert influence over others. You may expect too much from others. You're usually able to release nervous tension easily.
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Mercury Square Pluto: You can have keen mental penetration into the realities of any situation and get to the root of any problem. You tend to be secretive until you're ready to make your move, often because you're suspicious of others. You may plot or use cunning when it would better serve you to be straightforward. Since you don't mince words, your speech and thought are often harsh, although you can exhibit great tact and diplomacy-- often by remaining silent to avoid creating conflict or controversy. It's hard for you to see matters in perspective other than your own, so you want and try to shape the ideas of others to conform to your point of view. Your strong willpower may be used for disruptive purposes or simply misapplied. You often fail to consider a problem before committing yourself verbally, so you end up taking unnecessary risks. Psychological lines of communication are easily blocked and you rarely enjoy a happy mental balance. You may need professional help to release tensions. This aspect is good for new modes of expression in any field.
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Mercury Sextile Pluto: You're keen mental perception may manifest as an ability to understand the basic causes and the energy behind manifestation, usually in matters of science, the occult or related to eighth house matters. You're analytical, courageous, creative, diplomatic, individualistic, intellectually original and witty. You have deep comprehension, good concentration, abundant willpower, restless thinking and the ability to probe deeply into any field. You can exert influence over others, but may expect too much from them. You're able to express your-self powerfully and effectively but have sudden changes of opinion. You may be crafty at times. You like competition. Nervous tension is usually easily released.
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Mercury Inconjunct Pluto: It's hard for you to see matters in perspective other than your own and you may get involved in business that doesn't concern you or get totally involved in causes. Your sense of responsibility is over-developed and you often expect too much from yourself and others or take on too many duties. Guard against draining your energies or your health will suffer. You're sensitive and intuitive, but often fail to consider a problem before committing verbally. Psychological lines of communication become easily blocked. You may need professional help to release excessive nervous tension.
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Mercury Opposite Pluto: You experience great mental tension and rarely show a happy mental balance. You find it hard to see matters in perspective and often fail to consider a problem before verbally committing yourself, so you often must take unnecessary risks. You often find yourself in situations where you must deal with secret and potentially dangerous information-- in extreme cases, you're involved in spying or detective work that results in your death. Psychological lines of communication are easily blocked, often requiring professional help to release nervous tension. You may be engaged in scientific investigation but also like to investigate others, often creating resentment or bad personal relationships. You like to convert others to your ideas. This aspect is good for new modes of expression in any field. You can be abrupt and harsh in speech or receive the same from others, yet you can exhibit fantastic tact and diplomacy.
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