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Note: For semi-sextile, read the sextile. For semi-square, read the square. The same traits and characteristics apply, but they will not be as prominent, as pronounced or as influential as they are with either the sextile or square.

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Pluto Conjunct Ascendant: Mercury and Saturn must be strong and well aspected to provide the mental capacity and self-discipline needed to constructively use the available power of this aspect. In its highest form, you're able to see reality as energy and the workings of subtle forces, and your ability to tap these forces of nature for self-regeneration gives you stamina and willpower. You're aware of the need to redeem yourself by applying that will to spiritual development, but this may give you the appearance of being cold and distant since your attention is focused on a higher dimension of being. Your intuitive ability is strong and is consciously and deliberately applied. You have great power that can be used selfishly and destructively if unevolved. You tend to have a very impersonal and universal attitude toward life and even yourself, especially if highly evolved, enabling you to exert subtle, yet far-reaching, influence upon your environment. You're aggressive in a secretive and subtle way, and if afflicted, although you're obstinate and self-willed, you're not motivated by selfish personal gain. You must continually regenerate the image you project to the world, especially in matters related to the house with Scorpio on the cusp. In the first house, the traits of the rising sign are intensified and you can be domineering or have intensity, directness and a tendency to destroy life patterns and start anew. In the twelfth house, these traits are unconscious and you may have deep-rooted psychological problems.
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Pluto Trine Ascendant: You're a good leader and organizer whose self-confidence and strength inspires the same in others and gains their cooperation. You have a transforming affect on relationships and your environment and are able to accept change and come to terms with new phases of your life. You have excellent powers of concentration, keen awareness and sometimes clairvoyance and highly developed willpower. You're able to raise the level of awareness in others by altering the mode of personal interaction. Life is usually not difficult for you.
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Pluto Square Ascendant: You tend to be aggressive in personal behavior and antisocial in marriage, partnerships and dealings with the public, often resulting in divorce or other lawsuits. Your domineering attitude causes resentment, leading to a battle of wills and possible domination by one whose will is stronger than yours. You want to remake others instead of changing yourself, which is what is really needed. You have difficulty accepting that you have obsessional tendencies and then releasing them, causing you to feel strained.
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Pluto Sextile Ascendant: You're aware of your personal consciousness as well as the consciousness of others. You have good concentration and often have spiritual insight or clairvoyance, but you must be careful how you use it-- constructively or otherwise. You enter into dynamic, meaningful relationships that can markedly affect society as a whole. Life is not very difficult for you since you're able to accept change and come to terms with new phases of your life.
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Pluto Inconjunct Ascendant: You find it difficult to accept that you have obsessional tendencies and have just as much difficulty releasing them, leaving you feeling strained.
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Pluto Opposite Ascendant: If properly used, you can raise close, personal relationships to a higher spiritual plane, but in any case, you must continually regenerate these relationships. You're likely to make strong demands of your spouse, and marriage and partnerships may undergo fundamental changes. You tend to dominate or remake partnerships and have penetrating insight into the motives and character of others. You may become envious of (former) friends or be the "victim" of the same from others. In the sixth house, obscure illnesses may be related to negative psychological causes. In the seventh house, you may be cruel in your marriage or have a difficult mate. You're a hard, shrewd and dynamic businessman.
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