Sun Facts
Dignified Leo Leo rules the spine (will) and the heart (love). Will and love are the motivating forces of desire and the will to be.
Detriment Aquarius Aquarians must remember it takes loving warmth to bring forth new life and the will to be.
Exalted Aries Just as Aries is the beginning of the Zodiac and the Sun the supplier of life and energy, so the spirit is reborn and new life springs forth.
Fall Libra The Sun's natural desire for self-motivation must take a back seat to co-operation, as does the will. Will and personality balance and it's hard to make a decision.
House Naturally Ruled: 5th
Keywords Individuality, inner self, power, self-expression, spirit, vitality, will
Associations Health circulatory system, constitutional strength, eye (right of male, left of female), heart, sperm, spine, spleen, upper back
General Heads of state, fatherhood, children, creativity, games, power use, ego, personality. In a woman's chart, relationships with males, especially the father.
Positive Traits Affectionate, authoritative, bighearted, courageous, creative, determined, dignified, generous, individualistic, leadership ability, love of children, love of life, magnanimous, optimistic, organizing ability, positive, powerful, self-confident
Negative Traits Aggressive, arrogant, austere, condescending, cruel, dictatorial, domineering, egocentric, extravagant, overbearing, pessimistic, pompous, self-willed

General Notes

  1. If the Sun is weak, you'll likely not go far in life in spite of the strength of the rest of the horoscope since you lack the courage and energy to take advantage of opportunities.
  2. If the Sun is weak, poorly placed or afflicted, you must use good diet and nutrition to compensate for lack of energy and constitutional strength.
  3. If the Sun's afflicted, you've wasted life force/energy in the past and must rebuild it through proper understanding of cosmic laws.
  4. The house the Sun is placed in is likely to be emphasized throughout your life and shows where you can make a significant contribution to life. If in the seventh to twelfth house, it's concerned with your adult life or potential to be developed in your adult years.
  5. The Sun vitalizes any planet it aspects.

Aspect Effects
General Aspects to the Sun show deep character traits, chief ambitions, spiritual potentials (shown by sign, house and aspects) and affect your basic selfhood as well as the nature and use of your will power.
Conjunctions Conjunctions emphasize creativity, initiative and will power, especially in matters associated with the Sun, the other planet(s) in the conjunction and the signs and houses involved. It the conjunction is afflicted or involves contradictory planets, the energy may be used destructively instead of constructively.
Trines Trines indicate good fortune and an easy flow of creative and leadership abilities in areas associated with the planets, signs and houses involved. Trines usually indicate happy love relationships. Benefits come through all creative endeavors (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).
Squares Squares indicate abuse of will and power in the past, so self-expression is blocked in areas associated with the planets, signs and houses involved. It can act as an extra motivation or an extra obstacle, depending on the overall strength of the chart.
Sextiles Sextiles indicate opportunities presented for creativity and self-expression in areas associated with the planets, signs and houses involved. You must take advantage of these opportunities.
Inconjuncts Inconjuncts indicate changes in attitudes that need to be made concerning your self-expression in the areas associated with the planets, signs and houses involved.
Oppositions Oppositions indicate a conflict between your will and those ruled by the planet(s) involved, especially in areas associated with the signs and houses they occupy.


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