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Note: For semi-sextile, read the sextile. For semi-square, read the square. The same traits and characteristics apply, but they will not be as prominent, as pronounced or as influential as they are with either the sextile or square.

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Venus Conjunct Neptune: You're capable of the highest and purest form of spiritual love and transcendental understanding. You have sympathy for those who suffer but impractical solutions to ease the suffering. You're attractive to the opposite sex, but there's often anxiety, unhappiness and strain in emotional relationships. You're insecure, nervous, kind, temperamental and timid. You have a vivid imagination, an active subconscious mind and an almost hypnotic power of attraction, all of which can be used constructively or destructively. You're aesthetically sensitive and perceptive and capable of deep emotional rapport, but if not evolved, you can be deceptive and unreliable in love. You're psychically sensitive and have a strong inspirational nature and healing power. You're at ease in social situations, but can be too trusting. You're drawn to music and mystically inspired art. You can be a romantic, impractical dreamer, or even a burden to those around you. You seek a peaceful occupation and love animals.
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Venus Trine Neptune: You're highly romantic, imaginative and sensitive and have a strong sixth sense. You're drawn towards those with a refined nature and attract people who seek to aid and support you. You have talent, and sometimes genius, in music, poetry and arts. You can be extremely refined-- aesthetically, emotionally and/or spiritually. You're kind and sympathetic to those in need, even if you're disappointed. Like almost everything else you do, the help you give is impractical since you lack common sense. You have a certain mystique and emotional understanding that attracts others in spite of your lackadaisical attitude. You're a good problem solver who can do well in service fields but you don't like hard or routine work. You have unusual romances or meet your partners under unusual circumstances, often having premonitions about the meeting.
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Venus Square Neptune: Your emotional problems are connected with your unconscious mind and imagination and often tied to past experience. Your feelings are easily hurt, often without real cause. There is a constant struggle between your feelings and intuition and you're easily deceived. If you feel unappreciated, you tend to blame others. You must overcome your insecurity and gain a universal sense of love and compassion. You often give your love unwisely or secretly, which can cause a scandal. Disappointment in love is often due to karmic debt you owe. You may be dishonest or skirt the truth in marriage. Your imagination can create sexual fantasy and passion that is either perverse or carried on in private. You can live in a fantasy world to escape reality or even abuse drugs and/or alcohol. You can be lazy and/or sloppy or may lack the discipline to put your abilities to work. You love gracious living and may be born into a well-to-do family. You must learn discrimination in your financial and romantic involvements. You must avoid get-rich-quick schemes or you'll find yourself financially swindled. You're artistic, aesthetically sensitive and, at times, shy and retiring. You find it hard to make decisions. Your ideals are often unattainable, even by yourself.
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Venus Sextile Neptune: You're drawn towards those with a psychic, mystical and/or refined nature and seek an ideal love relationship. Your compassion and understanding attract people who seek to aid and support you. You're graceful imaginative, romantic, sensitive, spiritual and kind to others, even if disappointed. You have a keen, artistic imagination, especially in music or any type of spiritually up-lifting art. Your emotions and sympathies are religiously oriented and you crave ethereal beauty. You often rely too heavily on the kindness and help of others-- you must change your lackadaisical attitude. Your strong sixth sense helps you to be a good problem solver. You do well in any service field, but don't like hard or routine work.
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Venus Inconjunct Neptune: You're sensitive, inspired, vulnerable and often dissatisfied. You find it hard to make decisions because you need everyone to like you. As with most things, you want your mate to be perfect and will settle for no less, so you may end up lonely or without a partner. You tend to be secretive about your love life. You can either become a crusader or just think about it, spending and wasting all your resources yet doing nothing. You must learn to face life realistically.
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Venus Opposite Neptune: Your emotions and affections are strongly influenced by subconscious forces and you often have a distorted perception of reality or are too idealistic, succumbing to wishful thinking. There's a constant struggle between your intuition and feelings which can make you vulnerable to others' deceptions or an escapist full of self-delusion. Your overall judgment is weak so you're often financially swindled or marry wrong due to emotionalism or lack of clear vision. You can be your own worst enemy in artistic, financial, romantic and social affairs. You can be lazy and self-indulgent, making you very susceptible to drug and/or alcohol abuse. Your ideals are often unattainable and when you become disappointed, you tend to blame others. You must reassess your values and Neptune's house shows where you must learn to sacrifice and fulfill obligations. You may be involved in scandal through secret love affairs or may practice or be the victim of subtle sexual seduction, possible of a homosexual nature. You are often divorced after a gradual deterioration of the marriage. Your great sense of insecurity, which often makes it difficult to reach a decision, must be overcome. You love gracious living and may be born into a well-to-do family. You must gain a sense of universal love and compassion.
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