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Note: For semi-sextile, read the sextile. For semi-square, read the square. The same traits and characteristics apply, but they will not be as prominent, as pronounced or as influential as they are with either the sextile or square.

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Venus Conjunct Uranus: A sparkling, bubbly personality makes you very popular. You love social activities and all stimulating experiences. You often find yourself suddenly and powerfully attracted to someone, but the relationship can end just as suddenly. You find it hard to remain romantically tied to one person. You often confuse friendship with love and must never marry in haste-- have a long engagement. If you're artistic, your style is original and distinct. You can bring happiness to others through original means of service. You're self-willed, highly temperamental, strongly sensual and emotionally tense. You can be a genius, but often lack common sense. You crave peace and harmony, but if you don't find a positive outlet for your tension, you can become overly emotional. You're constantly seeking change and, if afflicted, get easily bored with routine and people. You refuse to be taken for granted. Risks are often taken for the sheer pleasure of it.
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Venus Trine Uranus: You have a sparkling, fun-loving nature and are always full of surprises. You're popular, spontaneous, unconventional and very attractive to the opposite sex. You have a very romantic and sensitive streak and lots of sex appeal that attracts romance easily. You have unusual friends and very exciting romances and marriage. You tend to see the silver lining of every cloud and your positive attitude attracts people with money and importance. Artistically, you're a very fine actor and have a very distinctive style that often involves electronics in some capacity. You can be very fortunate financially. Sudden separations often work to your advantage. This aspect can help in your search for spirituality.
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Venus Square Uranus: You have a magnetic personality and want to be friends with everyone. Sudden attractions often result in sudden marriage followed by sudden divorce. You're often unwilling to sacrifice your personal freedom to attain a stable relationship. In fixed signs, you seek emotional gratification at any cost and refuse to listen to reason. In mutable signs, you may be fickle. In cardinal signs, you're so socially hyperactive that it's hard for you to discover your real feelings in romantic relationships. You sometimes confuse friendship with love. Your emotions are likely to be unstable and subject to sudden reversals, often causing problems with the opposite sex. You're sensitive, egotistical, kind, good, stubborn, rigid, spoiled and used to having your own way. Your desire for exotic and exciting emotional experiences is often incompatible with a practical lifestyle. Nervous disorders stem from uncontrolled and unfulfilled desires. You can be sexually perverse or promiscuous if indicated by the rest of your chart and the square involves the fifth house. You resent authority. You try to hide your deep inferiority complex. You must learn to stabilize your feelings and emotions.
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Venus Sextile Uranus: You're unconventional yet popular, having many friends. You have a very romantic and sensitive streak that makes you very attractive to the opposite sex. You fall suddenly (and frequently) in love and marry just as suddenly. You need a great deal of emotional freedom and resist conventional romantic relationships. You have a sparkling and vivacious means of expressing emotions. You're usually fortunate in friendship, marriage and love. You often join group endeavors aimed at making money in unconventional ways. You have highly original artistic and musical talent that often involves new forms of electronic art. Sudden separations work to your advantage.
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Venus Inconjunct Uranus: You're goodhearted, kind and sensitive, yet stubborn and rigid. You're emotionally unconventional: you can be mysterious, silent and sullen or put on a happy face even when you're not. Your nervous tension and uncontrolled emotions often manifest as an over-talkative tendency. You treasure personal freedom but must be careful when choosing friends. You benefit from any artistic outlet, especially writing. You often take on others' problems rather than deal with yours. You spoil others and then resent them for using you.
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Venus Opposite Uranus: Your unstable emotional nature and powerful desires can lead to disaster because you want to experience the unusual regardless of the consequences. You won't even follow the dictates of your own conscience, let alone others' advice. Your demand for personal freedom outweighs anything else, even love, so you're often alone and estranged. You must learn to give others as much freedom as you demand. You have a magnetic personality but your egotism often causes problems with the opposite sex. Friendships are often based on desire and pleasure and often lead you astray, usually by impulsively spending money on casual friendship or useless pleasure. You're spoiled and used to having things your way, so consequently, you resent authority or anyone who won't do it your way. You're kind, good-hearted and sensitive, but also stubborn and rigid. Your attempts to hide a deep inferiority complex can manifest as nervous tension and uncontrolled emotions. You'll do anything for loved ones as long as the love lasts. You often have several marriages and divorces. When a romance ends you go into emotional chaos.
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