Rochester Cross Dressers Network

Located in the city of Rochester, NY between Buffalo and Syracuse, NY.
We are a non-sexual social support group for cross dressers, 
transgendered and transsexuals and their significant others.
The Rochester CD Network was established in 1985. Our goals are
 to help people come to terms with their crossdressing and let them
 know that there are other people who feel as they do, with the same drives
 and feeling. They will learn they are not ALONE. The club tries to help all
 crossdressers build and maintain a positive self-image of their whole being.
 The RCD Network is NOT a dating service, a marketplace for sexual liasions,
 or a therapy group. It is a group of friends who want to express and
 develop their "other self".
We charge no dues and ask for only a small donation at meetings
to cover costs.

 We meet in a private location; 
( Call or email for directions ) 
We have a changing room on the premises.

We meet the first Saturday of each month 
at 6:30pm.
The schedule of activities
 are pretty informal.  The first part of the meetings consists of 
general socializing, snacks and drinks are provided. Here we catch 
up on things going in our lives and welcome new members. We will 
then discuss area events that our group can or are planning on 
attending. We sometimes have special activities, which would include
 special guest such as local hair stylists, or make up artists 
for instructions sessions. Often members will bring in items that
 they are selling, a great way to pickup clothes, jewelry, shoes, 
and wigs at a great price. 
The evening will usually conclude with
 a group of us going out to one of the local clubs in the city.

Contact us if you are looking for a group to belong to or need a 
support group or just looking for friends who have some of the 
same interests you have.

You can leave a voice message at 585-251-2132. Please be patient, as we 
don't have someone full-time to answer the phone inquiries. 
You can snail mail us at:
Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley
875 East Main St - Suite 500 
Rochester, NY 14605-2747
Attn: Rochester CD Network
Or you can e-mail us at 
and get a faster reply.

Wives and SO seeking support e-mail us at  


Local friendly shops and Area events:

Local Clubs in Rochester, NY:

Tilt Nightclub

Bullwinkle's Cafe, located at 622 Lake Avenue


Nasty D

The Avenue Pub at 522 Monroe Avenue near Goodman St.

Surrounding Area groups:

The Rochester Transgender Group in Rochester, NY

Iota Nu Tau in Ithaca, NY

Buffalo Belles in Buffalo, NY

Southern Tier Gals in the Southern Tier of NY

Expressing Our Nature Inc. in Syracuse, NY

Erie Sisters in Erie, PA

Tri-Ess Chapter Resource Site

Mid-Hudson Transgender Association (MHVTA)

TransGender Independence Club in Albany. TGIC is the oldest gender organization in the country.

Your source for information and activities.:

Gay Rochester Online

Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley

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