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I would like to thank my cousin, Sally Leon for all of her research on this branch of the family.

Isaac Nathan Gottdiener, Married Gittel (Caty) Stern, born in 1829, Hungary. Gittel immigrated to the U.S. from Raslavice. She died in 1907 in Cleveland and is buried at the Lansing Cemetery. Their children were:

I. Henry Gottdiener, born in 1862 in Hungary. He arrived in U.S. in 1878, settling first in Galion, Ohio and then went to Zanesville where he met his wife, Rose Weber (daughter of Herman Weber and Rebecca Friedman), born 2 April 1867 in Zanesville.  Henry died 11 June 1935 in Cleveland and is buried in Mayfield Cemetery. Their children were:

Frances Gottdiener, born September 1887, Rendsville, OH, occupation social worker. Died. 6 February 1942. Never married.

Sadie Gottdiener, born January 1889. Sadie was already a talented pianist. Never married.

Florence Gottdiener, born 12 January 1891 in Zanesville, OH. Married to Philip Edward Leon. Died 5 July 1981, Cleveland, OH. 

Isadore N. Gottdiener, born November 1896. Died from exposure to mustard gas from WWI in MAY 1927.

Ruth Gottdiener, born 28 August 1900. Married Samuel H. Sampliner (son of Adolph Sampliner and Julia Greenbaum) Ruth died 31 August 1982. Buried Lake View Cemetery. 

Gertrude Gottdiener, born 12 July 1912 in Galion, OH. Married Lawrence Englander (son of Simon Englander and Bertha Korach) Gertrude died 5 December 1988 in Cleveland.

II. Jacob Gottdiener m. Zolly Goodman.

Esther Gottdiener.

Lottie Gottdiener.

Razey? Gottdiener.

Minnie Gottdiener m. Ignatz Friedman.

Rose Gottdiener, married. Morris Bloch, (son of Judah Bloch and Lottie (Liba) Gottdiener). Rose died 15 November 1967.

III. Lottie (Liba) Gottdiener, born 1848 in Hungary. Married Judah Bloch.  Lottie died 13 March 1913.

Henry Bloch, born 1885. Married his cousin Irene Friedman (daughter of Ignatz Friedman and Minnie Gottdiener). Henry died 28 August 1956. 

Morris Bloch, married his cousin Rose Gottdiener (daughter of Jacob Gottdiener and Zolly Goodman) Died 15 November 1967.

Marcus Bloch, married Rose Huppert. Marcus died 1 October 1957 in Cleveland.

Isadore N Bloch, married Doris Klein. Isadore died 15 Sepember 1968 in Cleveland.

Leo Bloch.

Rose Bloch, married Max Wolf. Rose died 1 October 1955 in Cleveland.

Esther Bloch, married Louis Fried. Esther died 5 July 1965.


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