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I'm Robert Stone (Bob) Duggan, Jr., and this is my bride of 47 years, Kathleen Ringwald. We live in Atlanta, GA, USA.

With five children and ten grandchildren (so far), Kathleen and I also share interests in genealogy, world travel, photography, gardening, languages, and working with international students at Atlanta's First Presbyterian Church.

Genealogy is a major interest, however, and since 1990 we have compiled over 70,900 names in our genealogy database. (We use Brother's Keeper software). On our Roots Web web page we are continually adding mostly undocumented descendant registers (see the list below) of some of our main family lines as archives for our family and for other researchers. Our sources include our years of research in libraries, churches, court houses, and cemeteries both here and in Europe -- as well as data shared by many, many friends on the Internet.

Visit our main page when you can. There you will find links to all our immediate family. Also listed there are the over 300 surnames from Kathleen's and my family trees.

There we also include several other pertinent reference links for Duggan and Ringwald, as well as for Dutch and German/Baden-Württemberg genealogy.

So...please visit the main Bob Duggan Page!

A number of our family photos may be viewed at our Tripod Website.

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Links to our ahnentafels are below. These are rather large, so there may be several minutes involved in downloading them. All include a name index to help find specific individuals.

The sources for the following (mostly undocumented) ahnentafels are many. Although complete accuracy cannot be guaranteed, it is still the best we have been able to achieve. Any additions or corrections are thus always welcome.

NOTE: We willingly share our database with others ... but please only for non-profit use.

Robert S. DUGGAN, Jr. 40-Generation Ahnentafel [298 kb]
Kathleen RINGWALD 40-Generation Ahnentafel [302 kb]

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Because of recent GeoCities usage limitations, Bob and Kathleen's numerous family registers have now been deposited at our Roots Web Registers page. The Family Registers accessible there include Addair, Beernink, Bemers, Bent, Bigge, Billups, Bouwmeester, Burgess, Cheely, Clements, Cone, Cowley, Damcott, Dempsey, Duggan, Dulaney/Delaney, Dulmes, Dunnewold, Elink, Eskew, Frederick, Freeman, Freers, French, Frost, Gheesling, Glenn, Gross, Gussinklo, Hagler, Heinen, Highsmith, Hijink, Hitch, Hogenboom, Huinink, Hyman, Johnson, Johns(t)on, Joyce, Kenan, Killingsworth, Kirby, Klomps, Lanier, Lauck/Laux, Legters, Lenoir, Linder, Maddux, Malpass, Manning, Martin, Massey/Massie, Meerdink, Meinen, Moeckel, Neckers/Nekker, Nijenhuis, Oonk, Owen, Parks, Pietenpol, Plyler, Porter, Potter, Purcell, Renegar/Renninger, Reuselink/Roeselink, Rice, Ringwald, Robins/Robbins, Rodes, Rowse, Rühl, Schreurs, Sikkink, Smithwick, Stanley, Stanton, Stone, Stowe, TenDolle, TenHaken, TenHulsen, TenPas, TeWinkle, Trawick, Umminger, VanHooser, Walker, Warde, Willink, Wilterdink, Wolterink, and Zürn.

More Registers are being added from time to time!

Please send any corrections, additions, or comments to Bob Duggan.

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