Europe 2003


Here are some photo taken in Europe. This site is currently being worked on.


Sail boat in Helsinki
Russian Street car
Water mellons in Russia
Russian Street car controller
Lenin at the Communist museum.
Tackily dressed Russian woman.
Ship Spotters in Felixtowe with lots of free time.
Go Karting in Felixstowe.
A family on a small train.
Kirsten - Foot ferry to Felixstowe from Harwich.
Junk metal? on Russian street car.
Russian playground.
Building entrance - Russia.
Russian River cruise Fliss & Rosita.
Kim Mileti.
Stockholm's Ice bar.
Helsinki's Rock Church.
Russian movie set.
At the Kunstkammer museum of oddities...2 headed calf.
Kunstkammer - BC first nations ceremonial garb collected from 200 or so years ago.
Remote controled Coke fridge.
Candy at French carnival.
Morgan at Guincetre family's house.
Munch's The Scream.

I'm still getting photos, so check back again.

Pictures from North America.

Last updated Dec. 21st, 2003