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This is the new Official Red Eyed Five Webpage. The only place for you to get info on the band on such things as shows and recordings.
March 1, 2004 - We now have a buncha professionally burned copies of the Snowday Sessions SE cd! They will be available at all of our shows now, still only 5 bucks (the track list is messed up though; the last song was stuck in the first slot somehow, no biggie). Radio info still pending. IMPORTANT: go to A Static Injection created by Marcy Grohman, its cool, and entertaining when youre bored.

February 22, 2004 - Te Mayo, Felix and Red Eyed Five are playing a show at rabbit hill that will be recorded live and played on the radio, the staion will be posted soon here in the news. Copies of the cd will be available for 3 buck from any of the members and at any future shows.

February 8th 2004 - The MP3s on the music page now work, right click on the MP3 link then click save target as to download the songs successfully.

January 26, 2004 - Re5 has a brand new P.A system capble of kicking out he jams at a much higher intenisty. Arrangements have been made to play a show at rabbit hill with the Mayo ever other weekend. At each of these shows we will try to get a "showcase band" that has never played there before, any interested musicians/groups please see our contacts page and give us a shout.

December 23, 2003 - Bios are up. Be sure to check back for show updates. There is also a new CD for sale for five dollars which include the origional 6 tracks from the snowday sessions demo, but with three new tracks, "The Same", "Sweet Symphony", and our personal favorite "Whimper (the bomp-chick song)". Also, Brandon has generously cut up the gigantic live track from Nation in Washington D.C. that was at the end of the snowday sessions demo into sperate tracks, and it is now for sale for 3 bucks (cheap!). Thanks to everybody for comming out to Rabbit Hill to see the show. It was fun and enjoyable, mad props to Marcy for being the only girl in the mosh pit.

December 20, 2003 - Shea now plays the autoharp, and Raymond smells funny.
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