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I'm a retired welding instructor. I'm happiest when I am in my shop working on old rusty iron with grease up to my elbows, and there's engine noise and the smell of exhaust.

I have restored several pieces of machinery, including about 15 gas engines, six tractors, two Model A Ford cars, two wind chargers, two motorcycles, more than a dozen outboard motors, and numerous pieces of farm equipment.

I have built two boats, a 1/3 size single cylinder gas engine, and a 1/3 size Massey Ferguson four-wheel drive tractor.
My collection is so large that I have an informal "museum" in a large machine shed. Besides the items already mentioned, musical instruments, caps, and fishing equipment are on display. So far about 80 friends and acquaintences have signed the guest book.

Projects-in-waiting include another wind-charger, an old gas-drive jack hammer, and a pre-1914 one or two-cylinder horseless carraige (am looking for a "basket-case" ).
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Name: Paul
Paul and his tuba.
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