Apart from nambayz i did and do continue to have similar good friends who are near to me, some of them being my Engg frnds and RRI collegues(trainees). I dedicate this page to those frnds.
most of my frnds at SIT including me (not to mention abt lecturers...) were given some whacky nicknames and were so known with their nicknames tht nobody could instantaenuously come out with the actual names
here, i start with my own, why and how we came to know by those names and some pleasant times i had with them

me (chatak) : bcos of my french beard i started to sport after i got into engg
cycle (vinay), bullu(ulag):
            2 cool guys whom I always visited at the hostel whnever i had nothing to do at college. they along with budda(dadi) did a miniproject with me .  They really had to put up with my stubbornness to do a DSP related project. The funny thing was tht even i didnt know wht to do in tht area, but somehow was determined to do. and bcos of all tht we ended up half the semester in trying discuss as wht to do, ofcourse we did nothing but talking and trying to meet up at some place and as usual cycle the lazybone never turned up. but it so happened in the end tht we(me excluded) tweaked a code given by one of our seniors, and did the most of decoration part  with the help of compsci guys...the project which was on compression showed a status bar (like in windows) which said compressing files and showed 0 to 100% long after the files were finished compressing....so the status bar gave a polished look for a rusted piece of iron ..and by the time of exam we had started mugging up which part of the code did wht...(with some expl frm our senior) ..and of course we did pass the viva.....

koli(harsha) : one guy very close to me, i used to make so much fun of him tht i never missed even a minor instance not to tease him....i ended up one day with a bet so simple tht he had to treat me with a lunch at one of the big hotels in tumkur and even now he turns red on hearing the word 'treat' and gets cautious.

chandu(chandan):  another localite always made jokes....and ready to pull legs, for which koli was mostly the victim.

kashi(manju) : one guy whose nickname has stuck to him like gum, tht many ppl call him so thinking tht its his actual name.

thuga(sudeep) : this guy is so mad abt cricket tht he almost never attended the first year of engg to play for the college cricket team and still ended up with very good marks.

: came to SIT with a college change in 3rd yr and still got close to the entire class in no time.

more guyz i included by recollecting their nicknames first are.....
dama(pavan), jolla(deepakj), chamak(manoj), goldy(naveen), replay rajesh, goodse(sandeep), chool chintu(i swear, i forgot his name), thatha(raveendra),