I came to SWEDEN for my higher studies in the autumn of 2004. Though my stay has been for studies, I have had a better look at life and the importance of friends and family.
   However, I didnot have a scarcity of friends in the new place...and i dedicate it to those friends whos been around with me through the highs & lows of my life in sweden (and ofcourse tolerating me even at impossible times:D)

dijo / kuduka (dg) who came along with me for the masters
  -   Then there was
hoosa (ashoka) who was our friend back in bangalore.
  -   the super cook
asheesh whose culinary skills was simply unbeatable.
bandarsson (shashi) the super dude and the best timepass guy to hang around
rohit -- the bachha guide

and hey this desi swedish gang is called

Here are more experiences/adventures while in sweden

oslo trip
my exotic dishes
teeing off   ...my first try at golfing
the return of the hoosa