It all happened so fast that I was into Sasken even before I could realize that I no longer was in RRI.
Sometimes I felt out of place in sasken, after having been closely associated with RRI and its informal work/research culture. My interview at Sasken was one of the simplest i ever had in my life, bcos I had failed to get jobs in similar s/w cos after going thru endless rounds of interviews and only being told in the end "we'll get back to u soon" ...a normal HR dialogue to tell u sweetly tht "we no longer want u asshole...!!".

    However i didnt get to hear such things frm sasken's HR, rather i didnt care even if i wud get to hear tht, as i cared a damn abt getting a job as a s/w engg as i was pretty much happy with wht i was doing at RRI. nevertheless i got an offer , which put me in gr8 dilemma whether to accept a moneymaking job or to hang on with a temporary job which i was relly satisfied with.

    Though Sasken was a nice place, I did face some unexpected situations . I learnt a lot in Physical Design . My association with some friends is of course did made the stay a pleasant one. Among them were Swapnil, Anand and Vikas along with whom I did the training and learning.
The best thing I liked about Sasken was film screening every(almost) friday and one could walk in straight into the auditorium where the film was screened with loads of popcorn given for free outside the auditorium.