Raman Research Institute(RRI as it is called) was and is one of the best places I would choose to work and I did have that wondeful opportunity for one and a half years in all. I consider it to be the next place closest to home.
        My stint at RRI began with my final year BE project in the institute's Liquid Crystal Lab under one of the best Profs I have ever met to date, Ruckmongathan. I later joined as a Trainee Engineer under another Prof(Udayashankar) at the RADIO ASTRONOMY LAB.
        Uday and Ruck(as we call them) have been my inspiration, to whom I look upon with great respect, and not to forget Dr.A.Krishnan, who told us stories about his youthful days as a student, researcher and life's experiences,sad and happy, besides technical discussions that varied from software engineering to aviation and flight control. They are so down to earth inspite of the positions they hold, unlike the arrogant Profs at the "Institute" nearby(the "Institute" was also one of the reasons for the founding of RRI). I have never seen such a work/research environment.
         It is because of their continuous encouragement that I am something today, and really have an attitude towards life.