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Maggie & Kay - two amazing Reaching Out members
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Here's what others are saying:
THANK YOU, by the way, for the article on carefully choosing friends. Wow! I needed that.- Kay.
Another excellent newsletter. I will be printing off the moving tips as I will be facing this soon. - Andy
May take some time to load
I LOVE the newsletter! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this. - Sheri
I feel like my family and friends that read it will know now what I I was unable to put into words. Please let her know how much the article touched me.
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Join a support group! Start getting the support, understanding and caring you need.
We're here to meet with you, one on one in a chat room if you need us!
Find resources to help you and/or someone you care about who has these illnesses.
What the support groups mean to those who've joined them:
This is a wonderful group of ladies! They have certainly supported me through a number of crises right from the time when I joined the group. I know they will keep you laughing and hoping as they've done me. - Tootie
I love the fact that in this group you can say anything you want and noone is malicious and mean spirited...This is the best support group as far as I am concerned. - Tonia
For more information on the Support Center, click on this link: SUPPORT CENTER
Carrie, (Cuz), does the newsletter and is the "Manager" of the Advocate services. If it's out there, and it will help someone, she'll find it. Simply one of the best people you can ever meet. She's kind, thoughtful, and is always giving of herself to help others.
If you need answers or to find resources about these illnesses, ask our advocate. Click on link:
Resources, Links, and Advocacy
Find out the lastest information on research and treatments, political hot topics, special days put aside for us, suggested books, or just things you should know.
To find out "What's New," click on this link and scroll: WHAT'S NEW?
Linda, (Manager of "Our Stories," shows the world her beautiful smile.
Here is where you get to know us. Some of us even put up our picture. Why? So you'll know you're not alone! We understand what's happening. We know you're a human being, not an  "illness." And we want you to share your story/picture too with the world. The more we get people to see "US" as real, the more we will get funding, research, and treatments. We won't have doctors saying it's "all in our heads" or "we're just depressed." Email Linda today and tell her you'd like to add your story.
To read our stories, or add your own, click on this link:
Kar, (on right, with her supportive family) takes care of the "Haven" for all who need to laugh or just want to know there's someone who cares!
Here is a safe place for all of us to express our thoughts and feelings. Therefore, you'll find poems, jokes,
encouraging words, fantasies, and/or anything else one may wish to share.
To enter the Haven Of Hope, click on this link: HAVEN OF HOPE
Why we're here...
This site is for those who feel they don't belong, don't know where to turn, are lonely and emotionally hurting, and/or need something more than pills to swallow, books to read, and endless doctors to visit. We know there are more of "us" out there because we felt the same way when we were searching. In fact, some of us have been told we're the "worst" cases and we'll never live a "normal life again."  At least, that's what the experts said, the doctors.

These were such cruel words for us to hear, especially since all of us were in our prime. Depressing words that left many wondering how long we could continue to suffer on a daily basis with no hope. The pain, and other horrible symptoms, holding us down, while in our heads we heard the words, "never a normal life again." The life we had before the "monster" came.

Well, all of us must have decided those words weren't good enough. That we wanted more answers, treatments, and ways to make our life as good as possible. So we searched.

During our search, we, the REACHING-OUT Team, became introduced to each other. This was truly a wonderful thing to happen to all of us. We began talking, laughing, finding similarities, and discussed ways to make life easier. We even began to love each other; to miss each other when gone, to help plan meetings with doctors, and give, most of all, encouragement to each other. We basically once again found two things in our lives many of us missed - hope and a sense of belonging.

So knowing this, and feeling very fortunate to receive this, we decided we wanted to give others the opportunity to feel (or experience) this sense of hope and belonging as well. We are trying to give to others what has been given to us.
From your
Enjoy your time here. Call this a second home. For some, it may be more of a first.
For all, it is a safe place, hopeful, sometimes fun, sometimes serious,
but always caring for those who come here.

For us, your REACHING-OUT Team, we're here because we want to be here. We'll stay
because we want to stay. And nobody will be turned away with these illnesses who need
our support!

If you feel you would like to add anything or have concerns about this website, please write You may also use this link:
Since everyone visiting or participating in or on this site is expected to abide by
we encourage everyone to read the them as soon as possible.

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